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You are like me in many ways Taipei organized. A bit more obsessive. And a bit more. Spit stormier and Chris. Ryan a bit more cynical. So what is it about venture that that you connect with? The same things but from the perspective of seeing myself or what I would like to be I mean for me it's control perfectionism obsession which are all offshoots of control. As you know, my therapist likes to tell me but. Yeah someone who is just on it and I think like, Chris, I respond to the presence of this idea of being in the presence of a masterful make everything is excellent and we'll go through filmography. He does a thing that he does a lot of things that like I Amanda Dobbins Aesthetically don't really like I mean you know my guy never shoots like in broad daylight except for one very scary scene which we will. Talk about but like this shadows and grinding s and everything's like two and a half hours long, and it's like always about sad boys and I'm just like you know those are that traditionally I have no patience for but my guy is just excellent at what he does and everything is so intentional and so considered and you know exactly why he's doing it and it's undeniable and I have so much respect for that level of. Perfectionism and and and control I would love to be able to control any part of my life or world the way that he is able to control. His filmmaking process and I think. We'll talk about that approach because that other people don't always like it as much and I think I also relate to the fact that a lot of people are like, David. French. was really good at his job but what an asshole and I'm like. Well, maybe maybe I. That somehow and he's like he's doing it for the asshole. So to say, which is not a particularly invoke thing to say right now obviously, you have to walk line with it but Yeah, there's nobody more on it. In my opinion, you know what the thing is is I was watching 'cause we watched seven for Rewatch ables obviously even going back through a lot of his work for these pods that we're going to do this week. He kinda means other other movies just look like Shit. You and you watch one of his films. And then you try and go watch something else. Notice how you feel.

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