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On easy terms. Maybe it's the eighty twenty principle that eighty percent of your capital are going to go into established companies established real estate things that are already proven that are on a growth range and so you didn't get into middle and the beginning but maybe you're getting in the middle of a growth cycle nine and you've had another ten years to go and only twenty percents going into these highly risky Where you you know. I've talked to investors who do this on a regular basis out of ten companies. They invest in. They only expect one to be a home run. Yep that's a critical point. You just made they invest in ten. What I say to overcome this one is start from this reality. You are likely to lose everything startup. Investing is binary you don't just you know. Investing in the stock market is not. You know if you just to buy a stock at one hundred and he goes down to seventy and you think I'm out of this. I'm selling you still have seventy but when you spy into a startup. It's very possible that it will go to zero and you never get anything back. So then that means don't invest invest a small portion of your wealth in startups number one but number two is never invest in one startup. Try to invest in a way that you can invest in three to five startups. And that's hard. There's more and more networks. That are starting to help people to be able to do that. But many people just go in and start to be an angel investor. I think I'm GonNa Invest In my friends. Start up. And then they put all their money and then that money's ends up being gone. I think these are all great principles and I would suggest that you listen to this part of the show.

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