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Possible Monday Tuesday highs in the mid to upper forties clouds and 46 at coma at 9 26. Well. The count is still underway in Arizona. ABC is Alex Stone is in Phoenix. Watching the vote count a CZ President Trump's supporters rally outside of the Maricopa County Elections office here, and at times they can't count the vote. I found out firsthand. That's exactly what's being done inside. Incredibly detailed work is underway. Democrats and Republicans sitting together to decide a voter's intent on balance of the machines can't read Erica Flores is with Maricopa County's air, the Republican Democrat. Then an inspector is walking by and then if they have any questions, or they can't agree on something. Then that person is the tie breaker. Alex Stone. ABC NEWS Phoenix Maybe see news tech trends, Tesla's says It has a $25,000 car in the works, and that's not all Tesla has announced. It's going to start making batteries for its electric cars in house. Roberto Baldwin is the senior technology editor, a car and driver, he says. That's a departure for the easy manufacture, which currently sources batteries from suppliers like Panasonic. They own the whole widget, which is what gives them. The ability to control every aspect and to tweak is much efficiency as they can out of everything other there their batteries as their their motors out their inverters. Tesla also claims the new batteries for 56% less expensive to manufacture, which brings evey essentially parity with gas cars. The company says the batteries and the new entry level car will be available within the next three years. But Baldwin is skeptical. Tesla has Repeatedly set timetables and timelines, and then they've missed them. It's sort of their M O with Tech trends. I'm Sherry Preston ABC News, a novelty candle company in London Out with a 2020 candle, The company says it is for quintessential aromas, including banana bread, hand sanitizer, a boy Woody, musk CE and budget aftershave, an earthy essence to intended to remind you of Tiger King Joe Exotic. Okay, the first batch of the $20 candles as sold out The Stars of the eighties hit sitcom Family ties. A reunite for streaming benefit to raise money for Corona virus Released Michael J. Fox, MEREDITH Baxter, Michael Gross, Teeny Others and others will talk about the Siri's and answer questions. The episode separate next Tuesday, streaming on people, TV's Facebook and Twitter pages. Treat your home to something.

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