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The venue just be ripping off the laws world i was that what happened yeah but i've all bloomed goes because julianne moore as girlfriends on the island just would've had her there and so instead of this sort of prim white businesswoman in hugh yes she's sort of a bit like him and she's become a bit obsessed and she's trying to save them and whatever i don't know no heels this movie she got rid of the heels well let's huge achievement for the heels were her idea really yeah she in the director terp trevorrow had no idea why she wanted heels by the way this was directed by j bayona who did a movie i love and i think you like to call the impossible with you and mcgregor watts about the hurricane that hit the philippines i never saw is really good but the orphanage in a monster calls he also directed a munster cool that's the movie with felice felicity jones monster calls and he'd the kid creates i could see that because they were elements of that in the second act but it was written by trevorrow and his writing partner yet offend here's the thing you know what's funny is that you talked about the the film about the the sunni do you know there's a line in the film when emmy what says look for the help is when this when this trouble or crisis look for the help is that is a line from mr rogge's she said that as voice to children yeah in times of crisis look to the help is how'd you make that i had no idea or member when i watch the film it really struck struck out and then through we'd synergy those that connection but yeah i said this is just no there's no wonder there's no magic nation in this movie and we're gonna end up turning into planet of the apes and apparently there's a africa reddit seeing that we missed out on well i mean with a bunch of you know really people just being terrified of well it's tear it on attacking the paris paris hotel in vegas going down tech the trump hotel paris new york new york my bed this is just paris right you know i thought it was a big mess it hasn't got great writing it was we get great lines from one moment is seen just ends because james cromwell goes mob blooded medicine gets wheeled off gets wheeled off like way to make ted levine ted levine collects teeth because he's crazy like peer pasta way he's a bad version of vincent offer knows character from drastic world who is a bad version of peter pasta wait in the lost world right yeah i mean i'm not like a huge jurassic i know good movie what do you call jurassic park fin parke's parke's yeah i'm not a huge party but i really loved the first one great and i like this i think jurassic world was better film than fallen kingdom yeah i don't know i don't know they were parts of this that like i wasn't super disappointed because my hopes weren't that high to begin with i didn't think the gothics was interesting but i mean the roof was from the second movie the fricken there's women's from the third movie there's like of course pterodactyls going to pick somebody up and drop them you know what's the difference because you mentioned this before like i like things in style wars that feels star wars in certain things that philip style was dogfights in space yeah sand of fight is the buzz of a lightsaber assay before it so this sort of visual firms visuals yet but but not whole sequences i get you know like it's a little thing of course you want to sound like a tight fighter whatever that is great of speaking we didn't talk about cocoa cocoa makes it appearance in mr rogers koko the gorilla the mr rogers dot com sweet sweet they were.

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