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This is crap and it should have set everybody all right today show also brought to you by buddies brickhouse nutrition these guys been with me from the beginning big fans they are a really terrific up and coming i mean this they make some of the best nutrition products out there nutrition supplements i think one of the reasons they have the freedom to do it is because these guys are when you're not like a stodgy old established company you know we don't want to risk our province you're not willing to take risks these guys are these guys are great they put out cutting edge products and a product i'm going to tell you about today's one of my favorites field degrees everybody knows fruits and vegetables are the key to a good strong healthy vibrant life everybody know doctor will tell you otherwise no nutrition scientists god gave us these fantastic fruits and vegetables to eat eat a lot of them we've all been told her kids each of fruits and vegetables there are compounds and fruits and vegetables we don't even know about yet the i try to eat as many as i can't say i try to eat my broccoli everything like blueberries my dried berries but it's not i work from home and even then sometimes it can be difficult this is fruit and vegetable insurance the product is co feel the greens it is real food it is real food grio fruits and vegetables ground up into powder it's not extract it's not junk it's not some garbage in a pill it is real food fruits and vegetables ground up into a wonderfully tasting pattern has a nice fruity taste little blueberry little cherry in there it's delicious i take it three times a day my kids love it my wife loves it has become a staple of our nutrition and around the house it's called field agrees i highly highly recommend this product i begged them the put this out there i forty three i i'm a little beat up in my joints but since i've been taken field of greens i feel terrific it is really really good stuff take.

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