Lakers, Akkad, Nathaniel Hackett discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


From twenty five feet out puts the Lakers one twenty five one twenty two ESPN seven ten on the call in Los Angeles. That was the getting of the end for okay, she last night and over time. The Lakers win one thirty eight to one twenty eight college basketball. Milwaukee beats you I see at home eighty one to sixty nine the Panthers next in action on Thursday night. At wright. State to football Nathaniel Hackett is the Packers offensive coordinator. Tony the Selley of the Jaguars radio network. Will we're hack it came from cells WTMJ's, Greg. He's not all that concerned about Akkad being fired in Jacksonville. Still. He does bear some responsibility for the Jaguars failures never absolve. Don't be anyone's absolves as part of that staff for that team. And he has to own them what happened this year? And everyone's responsible is something that, you know, it's not like all of a sudden Hackett coat still new coach Matt floor will be heavily involved in the offense taking shape yesterday. Appearing on will the town Sean ninety four five ESPN FM the floor told Jason and Mark his philosophy for balancing the one in the past. I think anytime you can take as much off the quarterback as possible. I think that's only helps them out in the long run certainly errands got incredible talent. And we're going to definitely showcase that talent. But I just think in your early downs like the more you can stay balanced and keep the defense. Off-balance keep them guessing. Whether we're gonna run the ball or pass the ball. I think that it opens up opportunities for big plays down the field. Meanwhile, Sunday, it's the AFC NFC championship games in Kansas City. The weather won't be quite as extreme as one stop the Arctic blast that was supposed to pass through pass through on Saturday rather than Sunday. So Sunday, you'll see a high of around twenty nine or so game will kick off at five forty before that it's the NFC championship game between the Rams and the saints kickoff from New Orleans is that for two o'clock, so potentially you could really see some new teams in the Super Bowl this year unless the patriots him. Of course, I think a lot of the chiefs are not only are the chiefs kind of the sexy team to pick right now. But their quarterback Patrick Mahomes. If you haven't seen him play at he's fun to watch. It's got a rocket for an arm. He's accurate with it. Does this? No look pass that nobody else in the NFL can pull off. Yeah. Andy Reid is coach this kid up. He's in terms of the stuff. He does when he think he's gonna get tackled or something he'll come up with some waiting in the football and put it right right in the numbers. He's just amazing seven eighteen WTMJ walkie sports..

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