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Say so you can't go to court this is politics and we were treated unbelievably unfairly and you have to understand we first went through Russia Russia Russia that was all most we then went through the Muller report and then president from finally goes after Nancy Pelosi and as Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff these are all higher the higher the people heard about people so things are getting better in Washington is you know worse obviously I've always said that allows the politicians but they do two things their vicious and mean vicious these people have issues Adam Schiff is a vicious horrible person Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person and she wanted to beach a long time ago when she said for the president I pray for the president press she may pray but you praise for the opposite but I doubt she prays at all okay so president trump was doing the full trump and the media lost it over the scene and this is the thing well it is true that president trump is ask is acting rather on presidential is that fair he's acting on presidential I think it's fair right I I don't feel like link in Washington Reagan like this is really in the wheel house is the reaction of the left the justifies everything that trump does at least in the minds of I think most Americans these most Americans got okay yes he's acting childish but guess what everybody's acting challenge and he just in the middle of the month by as I said before the perception on the left is the president trump rule in American politics the reality is that president trump was the corner of the club Mackin politics debt the people who actually were American politics previous to trump it turns out the politics existed before Donald Trump became a politician the only can politician in two thousand fifteen it turns out the politics had been on a a really really sharp downslope for quite a while before that president trump give this fairly ridiculous presser and it was I mean let's be real about this it was hilarious but can also be ridiculous many things for me for once but things can be entertaining and also ridiculous see every Michael bay movie like ever or or John woo's face alright many things are ridiculous and also wildly entertaining but the V. D. E. tut tutting is what made from present and maybe the tut tutting keeps from present I mean by that is that the wild was perception that American politics in the absence of from is a perfectly healthy organism that American politics without trump is perfectly great and it is just trump who ruined everything is such myopic bull crap it really is it's not true at all if you want to talk about the institutions in the people run American politics long before trump ever came on the scene you have to look across the aisle to Nancy Pelosi to Nancy blows you really let the cat out of the bag the other night when she ripped up from state of the union address because she'd been trying to do this whole I'm about other things I'm am so I'm about by this I am a and the adults in the room and then at the end of the state of the union in three pre ordered fashion ramming she had a she had planned as she tore up president from state of the union address we know she planned this because there's actual video of her free ripping up the paper because you want to make sure that her hands could actually get through the paper it's why she knew that she was gonna try to rip up the entire speech once you separate into several parts we should refuse to practice this thing right was pre ordained childishness land childishness and this is in the nature of American politics for a long time from does not pre planned right from the just I'm gonna go out there and spew childishness but the Democrats it's been pre planned it's been organized in it's been backed by the media the media were going nuts yesterday over president trump should the media before I get to policy because there really to suspect in my view in the death of American politics as I say I think from the corner not murder so for the actual suspect there to real suspect in my view suspect number one is the media and suspect number two are the Democrats who are canning love with media in the media are suspect because the media have been acting childish since day one it was the media were promoting the bush is Hitler bush is awful bush is lying about the war in Iraq bush is the a danger to the community he's a he's a chimp he's a neat eighty it is the same thing Ronald Reagan they've been doing it for decades and then it turns out that the American people bridled against that and they went from two other sources of information and media just double down on all of this the media lost all of their legitimacy won't for trump came on the scene one again it's so funny the media declared from the murder of the media because he says because he says things like fake news all the time the big news they all my god well I got a tax on the press Hey guys we all knew that you were fake news from just set a new Gingrich said in twenty twelve and a bump in the Republican primary this is been a wall going narrative on the right and it is not untrue and we say you're fake news doesn't mean everything the report is fake it means that all of you who portray yourselves as the journalistic explainers in the world all of you who portray yourselves as objective journalists were attempting to just bring the fact and separated from opinion nearly all of your Democrats and you filter everything through that Democrat lens that'll make you fake news if you think your if you say your opinion is you're not fake then you're exactly what you say you are but you know and so this is why every time from does something and media reveal their own biased and reveal their own predilections all they're doing is underscoring why trump is the corner not the murderer so here is here is what CNN was doing during from speech yesterday I mean this was their their Chiron right is our Chiron their Chiron is supposed to be the objective description what is going on no editorials Asian instead of trump's speech from east room in acquittal celebration there Kyra said trump vindictive and boulder in impeachment acquittal celebration given editorializing it's clear editorializing so I'm supposed to think that president trump ripping on CNN is somehow inappropriate when CNN is rebound from now you may think that was in the dim vulgar I mean it was pretty vindictive and it was far less the older regardless that is any to editorialize minutes not an objective description of reality at least not in it yeah you wanna give your opinion that's fine but don't pretend that is objective description of reality and then you had Gloria Borger Jr embryonic you are going off on trump on CNN and really just clutching at their pearls not just saying that is rolling their eyes they okay that's from being from the network from does instead was just how could anyone do this kind of thing in American politics American politics the home of dignity how could we do all this come on you've been watching the president of the United.

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