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The store's owner bookkeeper delivery man and a sixteen year old was shot in the head execution style. No one saw it happen when you heard about the crime and the way they were murdered reaction when my heart drop for the first thing you know i feel sorry performed. The and i thought we could have been there. Curtis flowers had worked at tardy that summer for three days delivering in fixing furniture. But he was let go after. He stopped showing up almost immediately after the murders. Some victims families suspected flowers. The police questioned him but made no arrest. Months past flowers moved to texas to live with his sister. And there's a knock at the door. And i answered it and the next thing was all guest wall being ankle and he explained to me that we just have warrant for your wrists back in mississippi. I said for what he said. Four council capital murder. Yeah send me. Flowers had no criminal record and was more likely to be on stage with a gospel group than in handcuffs. There was no murder weapon. No dna or fingerprints linking him to the crime but it took an all white jury just an hour to deliberate and convict him at age. Twenty seven curtis flowers was sentenced to death putting the mississippi state penitentiary known as parchman prison. Were you scared. What's parchman like the worst thing he ever dreamed up. Yeah like a nightmare. Because you know you hear all cows and the noise and night you know Inmates who l. just some who have lost it the act up all night you were sitting on death row. I imagine other death row. Inmates were beings and recognized so his conviction was appealed and overturned. But there would be five. More trials for curtis flowers for the same crime by the same prosecutor. How can a person be tried for the same crime six times. This case is unprecedented. In the history of the american legal system attorney robert mcduff of mississippi center for justice..

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