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It was the day after Thanksgiving and in Jacksonville Florida fourteen. Each boys were getting ready to go to the mall. It was black Friday two thousand twelve a day of super sales and the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season but the boys were more interested in meeting up with some girls and hanging out for the evening then shopping. Nineteen year old Tommy. Storms picked up his friends Leland. Brunson and Jordan Davis from Davis's house in his Red Ringo. Suv The three friends drove a few minutes to their friend. Tevin thompsons house where they got dressed up to allow. The boys had only hung out as a group once before November. Twenty third two thousand twelve and were new friends. But what happened that fateful night? Eight years ago would bond the boys together forever. Tummy drove the Group. I to the town center mall an upscale outdoor mall in Southeast Jacksonville there they visited Jordan's girlfriend Elliott Harris who is working at urban outfitters Jordan and Elliot had met at school but hadn't been dating for very long when he Tommy Tavern and Leland stop by the store. She was surprised by the visit. They chatted for a little while until she had to get back to work and the boys loved. The boys decided to leave the town center mall and hit up the avenues mall in Jacksonville's southside neighborhood the boys pile back into Tommy's SUV. With Tommy. Driving and Tevin in the front passenger seat while Leland Jordan were in the back on the way to the mall. The boys stopped at a gate gas station on South Side Boulevard to buy gun in cigarettes. Tommy left the car running and went into the gas station store while the three other boys remained in the car. Loud rap music playing from the cars speakers. Tommy came back to the car a few minutes later and got into the driver's seat. He saw a man in a block. Volkswagen Jetta parked next to him. See something and then. He saw a gun. The man fired the gun three times and Tommy through his car into reverse to get away. The gunshots continued as he reversed and drove into a neighboring plaza. He heard glass shatter then more gunshots as he drove his friends to safety tummy noticed. The man with the gun was now outside of his sedan but didn't appear to be following the teens tummy stopped the car in the middle of the neighboring parking lot and called out his friends names wanting to make sure everyone was. Ok Tavern. Yes Leland yes Jordan. All Tommy heard was his friend gasping for Air Tummy jumped out of the Durango and walked over. To where Jordan was sitting. He saw Jordan was hurt but still alive. There were bullet holes in the car door. Tommy ran back to the driver's side and drove back to the gate gas station. Parking Lot Thinking. It was a good place to get help for his injured friend. Kevin and Tommy called nine one one for help while bystanders at the gas station pulled Jordan out of the Durango and administered CPR Hours later at a local hospital seventeen year old Jordan Davis was pronounced dead from four gunshot wounds. This is Jillian and you are listening to court junkie episode one. Oh six we live in such an advanced society. Nowadays or robots can vacuum our houses and we can send text messages through the watches on her wrists but the hair coloring industry is one thing that has always stayed the same. And it's frustrating. You either go to a hair salon where you sit for hours and not to mention spend tons of money or you have to go to a convenience store and try to pick out your own color then you get the color you think you should go with and it ends trying out your hair or worse. Not being at all you envisioned now. There's finally another option. Madison Reed. 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