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Now i don't think you forget meeting on also just quickly her three most recent relationships with joel in two thousand twelve to two thousand fourteen aaron rodgers the big one two thousand fourteen to two thousand seventeen and then most recently tucker roberts from twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen so in the last two years. There hasn't been anybody that she's been strongly linked. You know there hasn't. Aaron rodgers was definitely her last serious relationship. You know there's also an interesting background there with her earlier relationships because she dated chris pine bryan greenberg but they're also in two thousand ten. Were rumors circulating that. She had this three day fling with justin timberlake while he was dating jessica biel and his rep obviously denied it. But that story always. You know circulates every so often every so often. You know it's actually funny. That hasn't ever gotten the legs that i feel. It would have in a way you can get the time it did but there was very little proof surrounding it. I don't remember the full story. But i do remember at the time. It was a very big deal once. He denied it. The story kind of died out which does seem like a little bit of his mo but it does every so often come. Especially when you're just examining justin timberlake and jessica biel's relationship and olivia munn kind of that story becomes pawn in that dialogue rather than livia your mind in using that as an example right for sure also i know nothing about them personally but strictly from an aesthetic perspective chris pine and olivia munn. I can't think of a more gorgeous couple. Oh sam. I chris pine in anybody. Olivia munn in anybody. I do you think this olympia. Giannini relationship is very interesting. And i'm very curious to see how it plays out the reason that i'm so intrigued by it is because when you look at somebody like john leaney who was in a relationship or engaged or married before his real peak of fame. It's always interesting to see what happens after that relationship ends when you're now thrust into real big fame rather than just comedian level because there is a difference between those two things typically oh of course i mean yeah i think about that all the time not just with him with so many celebrities and we see that happen. I mean there some really make it in. there are others that that could be the cause. I'm not saying that this was the case here. But you never know i i just. I don't know if you guys saw this. But initially when the rumors i came out he was really being taken to town on twitter. Just people coming for him saying that it was too soon and like who the fuck is anybody to have any input as to how quickly he chooses to move on or not to move on and also we have no idea what went on in the relationship with his wife. I think by sense from what i saw on twitter was that people felt be based on her statement. You talked about last week that she basically said she was shocked as well as to him filing for divorce i think people felt a sense of like protectiveness over her in a way. But you know it just doesn't work like that no it doesn't and everyone always thinks they know what happens behind the scenes or they think that they can gather enough information to make a judgment call about what happened but the fact of matter is we don't know what happened and while his his ex wife now separated wife now statement was really interesting regarding the fact that she basically said she was surprised by the decision to then be dating somebody a couple of days later that dynamic and that way of announcing is somewhat telling. We still don't know that background. And i think you can very much compared this circumstance to the olivia wilde. Hurry styles relationship and a lot of ways just in terms of divorce and moving on seemingly people feeling this real sense of ownership. John malini has a very similar effect to harry styles. I find especially in very similar demographics which seems weird to say because they seemingly don't have much in common but they both project this very wholesome image and very well respected in their industries so they are two people where people also feel real sense of ownership over them. I think with harry in livia. They took that out on libya just in their whole relationship. They really demonized her. I think in this case with john mullany and his ex wife or his current wife they their ownership over john mullany kind of translated into a little bit of frustration with him especially because they know so much of his standup is his wife and loving his wife. So i think that ownership as we always talk about sometimes it goes against other people and sometimes it goes against the person that you feel that sense over and i think that's what happened here totally. I have two points there because the first is in regard to what you said about his craft. I definitely think that people feel once. They can relate to his content all of a sudden they feel more of a sense of ownership. Just that's just naturally what people do with entertainers but second of all going back to the harry styles thing. You know the other reason that people took it out on. Olivia quote is partially. Because of the jason day. Element and i think in all of it. You know jason's today is is very beloved and people really do feel the sense of sadness for him and so that was undoubtedly. I think part of the libya situation. Yes of course there are elements of misogyny intertwined there on a very basic level like livy does not have a counterpart at the moment. And so let's say hypothetically speaking if she did and it was somebody that is as widely loved in view to be so respected as jason's today is. I wonder how that would change things. Yeah definitely. I also think that in terms of the reactions to live wild and john leaney. I saw interesting conversation on twitter about it. Because while people were seemingly disappointed in john laney and pointing fingers at the dissolution of his marriage. I do think that there was a certain element that was different. In terms of the way he was received versus the way that olivia wilde was received. After this and i think that there was a lot more misogyny fueled in regard to her relationship in the end of her relationship that people were pointing at her and that was more hateful whereas with john mullany a lot of it was just more disappointment and there was a definite imbalance there in terms of reaction. Yeah it's very clear. You know. And i actually think like you said even though harry john are different in a lot of ways you can draw a lot of similarities and i actually think this is a pretty good case. Study to look at the to just solely from a public reaction standpoint. Because you're right you're it's very evident. Actually yeah definitely yeah. I don't know you guys. I mean i am curious about this. I do think i know it's all speculatory but i do think there's truth to this. I'm not saying they're ending up together. Not saying they're seriously dating but that quote from the interview just showed to me. I don't mean to be reaching but it did show to me and interest level that has existed for awhile now and so think about it in your own life. If there was a guy that you were acknowledging their magnificence not in any way that was inappropriate given the fact that they were in relationship. If you find that they're single who knows right exactly especially when you're lithium on.

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