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Once the emergency use face is over Rio three, We go to the road, super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. David, too. Droney has it looking out there. It's getting a little better except for our room three and North found on the South shore. That's just still imagine. Heavy at the ISA cell found on the roof reunited heavy at the Kingdome Lane dropped then much Not much further cell found. I'm seeing a new heavy stretched before and after 2 28 and Rockland who? Three North bond you locked up five miles from of 53 Right up past Derby Street. Good news After that urine, afraid just wide open right after that all the way up through the split 24 north bound still little slow from just around the horse bridge getting to the top 93 North found you're gonna see delays out of the split. No, that's not 93 north. One actually is looking good. 93 cell phone. Gonna see delays from route 24 to 1 38 in Canton, 95 North. That's not looking back. Just a little slow with top connecting to 1 28 in Canton, Capeside Born Bridge and Rotary looking good mate. Keep Muhammad Cave Highway Route six. Westbound You're back about a mile and a half. Now getting to the sag More off Cape Up north, the upper under 1 28 North Found heavy Centennial Drive up house Lowell Street in Peabody 1 28 South Mom, Jim's up into Court Street and dampers down through that works on past, Little Street and Peabody, then you sluggish. My Lynnfield down into Wakefield. Everyone's actually looking pretty good, North bound, South bound little slow past the Peabody Jug handle. Then you'll hit more delays from the Lynnfield Tunnel down to dump Ass Walnut Street in Saugus, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes looking at the four day forecast could be a shower thunderstorm and spots tonight, then partly cloudy down to 58. Mix of clouds and sun tomorrow, some afternoon rain in spots.

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