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Check him out, really comfortable jeans. Okay. Here he is Mike. Lombardi. Okay. We now welcome on someone. We've been actually tried to get on a long time ago. He's finally here because he has a book. It is called gridiron genius, a masterclass in winning championships and building dynasties in the NFL. It is Mike Lombardi. He has lived the NFL his entire life. He knows the NFL inside. Now, Mike, before we start though, I know that you've been doing the rounds and basically apologizing to all eagles fans for bashing. Doug Peterson, we don't. We don't give. We don't give a fuck about that. Okay, you can. You can say, whatever you want about eagles. We need an apology right now about any Blake Bortles slander that you have thrown out there at any point in your life. I can't do that. Man. I can't do that. There's no chance. I mean, the equalizer helped Tennessee one today. I mean, yeah, the interviews over trap game, you have to trap game. He Tennessee's attr- come on. That's the kind of thing. I looked Jacksonville. I think's a great team and. You know, the funny thing about Blake Bortles which is hilarious. So I when I was in Cleveland and thirteen I, I was scouting all the quarterbacks and that was, you know, Bortles Bridgewater that was that draft Garoppolo and I love Blake. In the first couple times I saw them in college. In fact, I told her agent, you know, you need to get this guy. This guy is going to be a good player. So like I started out at the right place and I've ended up at the wrong place and I apologize. I'm sorry. Pause interview start. Have you say. Negative about Josh Allen, you don't. I I don't know what to make Josh Allen because I Wyoming. He was so inaccurate last week he was so inaccurate. And today he goes in there and you know, and if you would have had the the bills and twenty six points you would still want. I mean, it was like I mean, the Vikings twenty six, the bills with a one. I mean, it was ridiculous. I don't know. I my feeling on Josh Allen. It's going to be a wait and see thing. I, I still think that smart, but it's not. That's not really what it takes. Does you should make a statement about a rookie while he's still rookie? Just get ahead of it. I've been trying to do that about Trubisky. I've said that about Trubisky you know that fair. Okay. Good. Good. So the he's please, he's football, young. I agree. So we're going to, let's talk about week three before we do that, though. Your book tell us quickly what is in your book? Like I said, you've lived the NFL. You worked with Bela check, you're at the Browns. You've been all over. Give us a quick synopsis of what we can expect with the book is football. You know, the books basically about culture how to build a team. Bill Walsh told me in nineteen Eighty-four. There's only we're only competing against teams. And that was when it was a twenty eighteen league because no team really had great culture and they're building. And so that's really what it's about. You know, fortunate enough to drive Bill Walsh around in a car because I was a slap for him, and then I got to work with Bela check in Cleveland. And then I worked with the great Al Davis in Oakland for ten years, which is really like working for somebody for forty years and then went back with Bela check. So it's all the things that I've learned from them. It's not about me. It's about what I've learned. So what's the number one thing that a team? Like let's say, for example, where we're taping this halftime of the patriots lines, gay, Matt, Patricia is trying to build a culture in in Detroit. What is someone do when they walk in the door? And they're trying to build a winning culture in NFL franchise. You gotta be yourself. You got to be original, you know, and I talk about it all the time..

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