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Opposition And I think the lady has got to do what they've been doing They've been blocking a lot of shots Yeah sacrificing I've never seen even with the two Stanley Cup champions in a row I never seen so much sacrifice from the players as I've seen already in this series alone Blocking shots and doing whatever they could do It's been fascinating to me and that's been really rewarding also The Panthers have made a lineup change Maxine mammon who played in the last couple of games with their series against Washington but did not play in the first two games comes in Not shocking that he's in and he played about half the games during the regular season this year and got into a couple of playoff games in the first run series I guess I'm a little surprised that Anton lundell was the guy they pulled out who's been a very reliable third line center for them but he is a rookie and Andrew Burnett has the finger on the pulse of his team His finger on the pulse of the team he obviously felt that this was the move that would make the most sense for their team That's what they get paid to big box for to make decisions like that and you know I like lindell and deluge Heck of a player I think and it's going to be a good player and he's one of their better penalty killers but are they worried about that as much as putting the puck past into us Yeah ma'am it's bigger and bigger And what have you so we'll see but the lightning play their game they can win the game I mean just play their game And it's like I told a good friend of mine Vasi makes the importance saves We win He doesn't the goal he doesn't make the game is complicated right And it's the same thing with Baba Rossi And the other Nat makes the great important saves Doctors have a chance to win Glossy makes the important thing The lightning have a chance to win On the lightning side no line of changes although there was some concern even heading into the warm ups that we just saw completed that Brandon Hagel may not be able to play Hegel was one of those guys who blocked a shot In game two but it looks like more than it looks like he is in We got the lineup So he is going to give it a go in the lightning again going with the 11 forward 7 defenseman lineup configuration Why not It works It's been working working well In the first period Andre vasilevskiy defends the net to our left lighting skate left to right in their home blue jerseys white numbers Sergei borowski is in the goal to our right Panthers move right to left in the first and the road white jerseys with black numbers and red trim this lightning season is presented by advent health the official help and wellness partner of the Tampa Bay lightning and the officials Phil The referees tonight we have Dan o'rourke and Frederick Lee courier and the Lions men are Steve Barton and Ryan daisy All right a game free matinee the teams will play a back to back for games three and four game four tomorrow night so it's gonna be more than 24 hours We guess unless we have a really long one today with overtime But it's not gonna be quite like a traditional back to back but still games that consecutive days for the lightning and Panthers.

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