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You are listening to the nfl on two men facing no huddle withdrawing in the weber banned kordell stewart i'm here with the future hall of famer yasser charles woodson always looking dapper always trash oakland raiders you guys are going to change you have john gruden back chucky and in a few years you get a chance to to move forward to to las vegas nevada give me your take on the state of the operators organization will have a groomed beggars lycra sat enormous out of a generally you know he's gonna bring a ton energy today team this is this is a um our community and a fan base mad at loved john gruden man and you know he was traded away from his and everybody was his sack about that and so i always say you know he left us prematurely so they get a chance to have their coach back you know what they did i think the fans are gonna love it he's he's uh you know a relentless worker now we all we up all heard the stories about him and so i feel like the guys that are on at t mandarin for you know a special god mass somebody that's going to bring the best out of and so i'm really looking forward to his relationship with their car how'd ed at and so it's gonna be great man who speaking to dairy call you know he's malmo laidback he's a faithbased guy his his intensity comes within his game and within itself not so much out we like john grows give me your take on that match because lincoln kennedy rich gannon be kind of had their conversations what rightfully show because he's an intense guy give me your take on how that's going to either fake or help their car were either you can take it oh you can't you know nestle that was.

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