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Syriza's Biography. They've been doing some of wrestling's greats. They started out with stone cold Steve Austin and what a incredible story he has. And they've continued on. They're going to do Booker T. This weekend ice rally. Roddy Piper is set to be in there as well. A couple of the others I believe they're gonna do ric flair. It's gonna be one of the You know who I've actually seen A They've already had a documentary on him. And that was on a 30 for 30 on ESPN. Okay? Yes. Awesome. So this I'm sure this woman be just entertainment. They've done a great job with these very entertaining stuff. You learn a lot about these guys and the stone cold. Steve Austin story is just Amazing. You don't realize what he went through to become the star that he became. They didn't think that he would have a wrestle again. He had a very serious injury on B basically said no doctor was ever gonna tell me that I couldn't and some of his catchphrases you find out where those come from, you know, because Stone Cold's said so. And Austin 3 16 You find out the origins of that again, Just amazing. And if you ever get the chance to check that out, highly recommend that you do so I watched When I was a kid, so I didn't get into the newer stuff. I kind of stopped watching. After whole Kogan went bad, like there was a you know, he's the outsiders and they, you know the God, What the hell was the name of that? I can't remember what they were calling it. The new World order is what they write Some, you know my brother and I watch this on Saturday mornings, but my favorite part is that there were always on Saturdays. There was always like a champion where the ultimate warrior of big time star Would wrestle against a nobody. You know when the guy gets thrown all over the ring and stuff, so the ultimate warrior Is getting ready to wrestle a man by the name of George Wells. Just this average guy and he's you know, good athlete. Stop it. You know he's gonna get smoked. So my brother and I are watching like this guy's getting thrown all over the place. Dad comes downstairs. He's got his bathroom bond. He's getting readyto get some coffee, and he was like, Hey, He said, is that George Wells and Dad's You know, we're like, Yeah, well, I mean, we're watching wrestling. How do you know who he is against? I played football with him. I went waiting. Wow, what he said. Yeah. George Wells played played for this Saskatchewan Roughriders with C F o. They said we'll pop. He's in a lot of trouble this morning, so he was kind of funny, but that's still the look on my dad's face was crazy. I know him. I was like what That's Zach's very cool. The biography on the restaurant is on any and Booker T will be on this Sunday. Matritech and then they've also been running this other series, which has been very cool. They're trying to recover some of the lost treasures of the World Wrestling Federation like they had Mick Foley on last the last episode that I saw where they're trying to track down mankind's mask. Oh, kid in and socko from Yes, so again, you get to see some of the stuff and get really fat. Fascinating if you if you're even Bree mostly interested in that it's actually a very good Syriza's as a whole. I would try to find Rey Mysterio Junior's masks. They was awesome..

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