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Studio tente army analyst to me like your doing is a straight talk Roger by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart okay this this sort of headline but not maybe a bit last couple days yeah we have sort of had our issues with the rockets on this situation asking to be awarded to win get out here with that do you think there's any reason they should be optimistic about anything because of a dog that was missed with some fifty to play when they were up by thirteen points in close on a Dino seven get no obviously not do the thing with just giving us the when it just literally makes me laugh because you're basically saying that okay put those two points on the board and then everything that took place after that is going to happen exactly the same way right that's what you're saying if Jay just gives W. and then so the other option is okay lets you play less than fifty not gonna happen it's just not has happened before it happened in the city here's a little bit different situation I guess what happened with the game with the heat right which shack where he was found out yes turns out he he wasn't supposed to be found out fifty one seconds ago little different in that situation because you literally took a player off of the floor okay that shouldn't have been removed from the game to end and it's inside of a minute to play it's a game deciding situation this is eight minutes to go no one was taken off the floor the rockets had a thirteen point lead they had twenty one possessions by my count after that play in which you could close out a double digit lead in the fourth quarter and instead they decided to take I think five or six step back threes basically the last eight minutes that seems premeditated because they had better options at the time with their match ups so to me there shot selection in decision making was wrongdoing in that game and I think I I I've been joking all week it's it's like I'd say it's a little it's a sock behind the dryer it happens to slip through the cracks on the children of the hose cracks and you move on there's eighty two games you move on so question then because part of this discussion was d'antoni saying I was looking for a review in the rest saying your outside your thirty seconds we had doc rivers complain about this soul we have heard cultures complaining complain about this all year to the point where is this role gonna be around next year or they can get rid of this thing I think it's you know it's a lot of times when the league makes a rule and institutes and roll it's hard for them to just say Hey you know what that was a mistake we're gonna take it out I think with all due respect to tweak it of everything you have with that happens so what you're talking about is definitely the thing that they need to look into the most because if the coach is is that upset about a call they want to challenge induce officiating crew clearly work sure what just happened for whatever reason they should have missed that but they did right you have to make sure you gather you communicate take as long as it takes in talking to the culture of peace you know you said yourself we need to go look at this and get this right so that's thirty second exploration the way they explained afterwards in it you know he didn't officially ask for the challenge with the finger wave inside the thirty seconds despite the fact that he was on the court he was freaking out he was doing everything had to that is something that they need to look into because at any point a coach should you know build make sure you get that right by giving the guy enough time to say Hey let's challenge that and take a look at it that's the biggest issue not the fact that they should replace the gamer give the two points are replay those eight minutes said that to me that's all silly talk similarly with us in studio here on golden window Tim going now on the court to the actual basketball being played the Lakers and the box tied for the best record lead right now Yanis last night we see him going off from deep attempting a bunch of three is doing well from there have you seen anything so far this season from last year to this year but says Yanis is making adjustments based off how he saw himself played when they ultimately fell short the playoff yeah there's two things and I get a lot of credit for the stamp forty so young you into the MVP the way they did a lot of guys we get pretty content in that lane no he he took this whole season as an approach of unfinished business and personal accountability he feels like he personally let them down in losing to Toronto because he couldn't answer that one too to zone the Toronto was basically playing against the because he's got some limitations with his perimeter game he took it upon himself now you may fruit trees last night he was jacking off and basically half court dribble you know he shot one office green where he was on the wing came to the topic he called it shot at four twenty eight feet all you've ever seen him do it like what unless it was late shock situation this is just in the flow and so he's comfortable look he's not gonna be you from there you don't have to just be good enough that he's a threat so is added that that's one thing that your question in the other thing that they're doing which I think is smart they didn't do this last year even in answers it in initiate him in the post I'm not he loves to operate for the topic he would live dribble I so that's real love to go he got one stride from twenty five feet and is at the ramp he's a freak in that way when you get to a playoff series in team can plan the way Toronto didn't commit to that plan he didn't know how to beat that and they didn't just where he caught the ball I'm seeing him more often this year by a premeditation going to the post operate with his back to the basket no double team comes good luck trying to guard a guy like that the post if it comes he's a good enough passer and have enough shooting the day could be that way so I like the fact that they clearly dress that the off season will they do that a big moment of plasters they better order season could end the same way because he still not on that level of a guy like a cool why lebron even a guy like Lou could Dodge that can beat you anywhere on the floor with their scoring or passing he's not quite there and that's the one question that has to be answered the playoff that is amazing though because so many of those developmental points were things we did talk about with lebron earlier on his grammar that does gain some focus was definitely a big thing I think when he went over to Miami so it's interesting seeing another potentially great players start to draw address those thing to Tim Legler with us this morning and you mentioned the silly talk about the Houston Rockets let's talk about the silly walk by lebron James all across the world for just a good man total brain you know what it is I had a malfunction the best part to be about the whole situation was him when they came back and happy was talking to the jazz was it I don't even know I did it ma'am someone to show me the halftime puleri it was great human most fantastic any afterwards he said I had a malfunction I'm gonna be honest with you the sideboard Westbrook had one of those a couple years ago if you guys remember what was in the back court right and he walked about five steps with the ball before Joel I don't know okay the actions you know off the floor city officials even are probably starting to look up the floor because Westbrook was being pressured but in this situation he's like over half court so that point to really lock into the ball handlers officiating crew so I have no idea how they miss that but I thought it was hilarious and and his reaction to it after you graduate what was yeah I feel bad because the officials problem if you get rid of a little bit like that one time a college similar where I ran the baseline I wasn't allowed to because it was after a turnover and was a time out and I came out I am out of the bone I thought it was a made field goal and I ran the baseline is kind of off traveling but we have got calls for travel without question the dumbest thing I've ever done about the what was it earlier this year where the guy was going to involve the ball about half court the ref gave the ball and you just took it out on who was there is a clippers that was I had never seen I don't remember the players and it was it was in a box planet was a box was Milwaukee clippers again yeah so if there's one that's exactly I was once on real pleasure to start running in battles with the art look at dot I'm yeah twenty years old I mean what what what what do you say about this Capri she ate what you're watching because this is the the you know the start of of great that's right you're watching a guy that to me as a basketball player I think a good comparison if you go to another sports like a Wayne Gretzky like that's the level to which she seen the game before everybody else on the court that's a good catch his anticipation of what's about to happen like is one of those guys that almost when he turns the ball over it's almost like he's saying well if you reacted the way you're supposed to throw the ball to you like you're supposed to react the way you're supposed to with your I. cues not high enough to read this defense so I threw the ball here and that's that's kind of worries act like I did for me it had to be twenty be this poised to be this good like in pressure situations he's he's smiling the whole time so he's got that personality is engaging for his teammates can be anywhere that he has to for me you know I I think about curry the first year he blew up I thought that was that was the closest I've seen to I can't miss this guy plan to back when Jordan was in his prime and I think Lou could now is that god for me like if he's playing I've got to make sure I'm gonna watch because he's so special and how easy the game is coming to him he's also the kind of guy if you're free agent that's the kind of guy you went with worse because he moves it gives it up he sees you and he's having fun while it doesn't seem like you know a great team and all those things so I never thought the roster was close to being a top four top five team in the Western Conference I thought I'd pass like eight through ten probably not a playoff team the fact that they have the record they do is directly attributable to his greatness coming faster than any of us thought for from the conference right now three and a half out of it out of the Lakers template with this is why I'm glad you brought that up because I I agree as great as he is.

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