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Traffic. Alexa, play KTAR H and iheartradio. There's no. Two. like this song. They can remember back down. This was a black man. Phil spector was conducting a band at a show in San Francisco. Righteous brothers were also appearing you really liked him. Brought him back to his label fills records. He had only produced for black singers at that point. The righteous brothers were his first white vocal. They were considered to have a black vocal style, which was termed at the time, blue eyed soul. That specter liked a lot. So he commissioned Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil to write a song for the group, which he ended up adding onto taking songwriting credit for. The song took its cue from four tops song. That was rising in the charts at the time called baby I need you love. Man wrote the melody I and came up with the opening line, you never close your eyes anymore. When I kiss your lips influenced by line from the song. I love how you love me. Which was I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me. We don't get enough finger snapping sauce anymore. A good finger snaps look at Jackie Wilson, finger snap. Oh. the quintessential wall of sound song. Go back to you've lost that loving Fillon. So it goes verse chorus verse chorus, and then they need a bridge to the chorus. They couldn't work out the bridge so spectra experimented on the peon. Oh with a hang on sleepy riff. That they would then use to build on for the bridge. Your fast for Kenya. Payment to the bridge..

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