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They should probably try to be doing then. You're probably looking at getting some reinforcements for this offensive line. I agree i mean matt. Canada is the new coordinator. And i think a guy who super underrated in terms of his influence. On the league of the sean mcvay stuff came from some of the stuff that canada was doing in college at the time like Some of that motion stuff was stuff that was really heavily sampled from some of his work. And so you need offensive line. Help to make that work. I mean you know all the teams that run versions of that you know gimmick and versions of that kind of flavor of their offense need offensive line help and i just think if you're pittsburgh like i mean they're going to draft another pass rushing linebacker. So why are we talking about this but You know are you really going to go into next year needing quarterback a left tackle like like. Maybe you got. You gotta fix one of these things now. You know what i mean and and and take care of one of them because you know like how threadbare is this roster going to be here in a year especially when ben rothlisberger leaves. So you're probably looking at The offense line president jalen mayfield again is a guy who again. We're we're speaking in shorthand because there's not a huge difference between left tackle right tackle. But he's probably more right tackle slash kickin inside the deal. I don't know if he's a guy you plug in play immediately. If you're looking in that you're probably looking at alex leatherwood or liam. Berg is want immediate. Help there even if those guys are not quite the the difference makers that That mayfield has a chance to become down the line and then you're again you're looking at sam cosmi your You got some other options there. But i think those are the guys at circle leatherwood in eichenberger we will we will lazily throw into the same category as sort of the may be safer options to plug onto your offensive line and then mayfield is kind of the maybe not quite ready for prime time but probably the higher upside guy. Yeah yeah i. I think i'm good with any of those and i don't know i mean if you the steelers like i just i just don't know what else you're gonna do right like i just. I think any other pick seems insane to me right running backs being thrown around. There's no way with them. They did it. I remember they did it with chard mendenhall and it was kind of like. Oh they just you know. It was one of those like well. He's high on board. We didn't need him but we took him if they running back in round one. Let me think. I will let me think you're going to immediately regret it. Well they're going to immediately regret it but Now everyone regrets it. I hope i if they take a running back in round one all come on here. I'll come on your podcast and all eat. Whatever anybody says like you can. You can mail it in. And as long as it's nontoxic and edible and you know it's not going to do any sort of digestive harm then. I then i will do that. But there's i. I would be stunned. I think that would just be like outlandishly stupid but yeah it happens. I mean it's it's the way it goes. They don't they don't typically make outlandishly stupid mistakes. You know okay kick. Colbert is as good. I would say as solid of as there is in the league. I because we mentioned earlier as as a colts prospect. Let's give them liam eichenberger here. That i'm also looking at his aim right now. Then we can cross up a-list..

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