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We are doing this show in. Houston we do. The first aaron houston and historic popped up about a cuomo accused of sexually harassing Former boss and if you remember. Chris cuomo was involved in that horrible at unethical. Immoral scandal of helping out his Disgusting brother the governor and never reporting on it. Like if you wanna have your brother. That's hanging whatever but the scandal was. He wasn't reporting on her telling me biding their meat mistake. People and what a disaster taken off the air new york post but about an hour ago former abc executive producers accused. Chris cuomo of sexually harassing her. This is this is not family. Friendly content I guess it was a party and he grabbed her rear end in front of her husband and co workers. What's what's the cuomo guys. What is that. The woman shelley. Ross said she was at a park. What i was at a party with my husband who sat behind me on an ottoman sipping his coke because i spoke with work friends. Mr cuomo entered the upper west side bar. He walked toward greeted me with a strong bear hug while lowering one hand to firmly. Grab and squeeze. Her took us He said i can do this now. That you're no longer my boss quote. She said he said it was a kind of cocky arrogance. She's no you can't. I said pushing him off of me at the chest while stepping back revealing my husband who had seen the entire episode at close range. It's we quickly left while job. Well i think you know the end of this. When the end of the sentence say in texas there might be an incident if you grabbed the rear end of a woman and squeeze it like

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