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Normal. Well, first of all, holiday travel was enormous. The amount of people flying in the United States huge. Did I see that even summer bookings that Some of the air travel and the bookings that the airlines air seeing are in excess of the summer of 2019 pre pandemic. Wow. That's the case. That certainly is indicative. Welcome to Schmidt. Here we are. It's a Tuesday. Course It feels like a Monday. But of course yesterday Memorial Day and I hope you took the time to think about Memorial Day and what Memorial Day's all about. And not just shoving your face with With grilled food steaks and burgers and Chicken and hot dogs, etcetera. Hopefully you took time to realize that Memorial Day is to memorialize those that fought for our country. Died for our country. Hope you took just a moment to figure that out and just didn't try to run out and get a good deal on a washer and dryer with some Memorial Day sale, which, as you know, that drives me nuts, a memorial Day sale. I always thought that that was kind of sick, twisted and more, but anyway, quickly. Loaded show here on Tuesday. But let me get back to things returning to somewhat normal, so travel Travel is returning. Big time I saw the T s a screening is over the weekend as far as people moving through TSH checkpoints was absolutely enormous. However, this could be right here. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm holding in my hands. What could be The best sign ever that things are getting back to normal here in the United States of America. What am I holding? What is this paper? What is this document? Calligraphy on parchment. No. It's just a regular print out. From my HP printer, which is just off to my right on a little stand on the floor underneath my desk. The headline on this new story Printout reads. Free samples returning to Costco. In a sign of Covitz defeat. Ladies and gentlemen, That's right. The free samples the ladies with the hair, nuts and the gloves. They're coming back to Costco. The free samples have been gone for over a year. And you believe that same deal. It's a Costco. It's Sam's Club. BJ's wholesale. You know those of the I don't have any information on them. Yet I'm only holding a story about Hosko and that the reinstatement of the free samples and Costco The return of full sampling. He's gonna be phased in starting today. Starting June 1st that is today. Costco. Is going to phase back in the free samples. This is, according to Costco's CFO chief Financial officer Richard Galanti. Who made an appearance on Guess, CNBC and and other cable news outlets regarding bidding there. Ah, God for 14 months. Can you believe this? The the free samples at Costco were discontinued in March. In March of 2020. The cost of the covert outbreak in the United States that amazing there are roughly 170.

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