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Our coverage begins at seven o'clock. Plus, the Nets will battle the Celtics hand that makes will take on the Cavaliers. Preseason hoops. Here's your W Whoa. Our weather channel forecast plenty cold with fresh snow pack on the ground the next couple of days overnight. We'll see some cloud cover lows down to 21 degrees. Partly sunny on Friday behind your 30 and a look ahead to Saturday. Intervals of clouds and sun. Hi only 29. If you rain showers Sunday highs in the mid to upper thirties I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the wood. Channel on 7 10 that we Whoa are currently partly cloudy and 25 s coast to coast Am continues Your next updated for breaking news at once. Start your day with Len Burman, A Michael Riedel in the morning coming up from 6 to 10 today I'm Steve Greenfield on 17. W. O. R in NBC news radio station. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. You got him forever. Never did. And I see no one. You see the smarter than he is, and we know that but one Flying under the sea. Everyone my eyes that see ever so come see me. You know when you see this milder than any way no clever visit over love Wonder life under the sea. This'll is coast to coast Am.

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