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They had that fourth and I can't still can't bring myself to even remember the fourth and fifteen that Corey Graham gave up. But there are numerous opportunities that titans converted. Three, fourth downplays on that overtime drive in order to the first time and then fell history to that happened. I know just absolutely crazy and Marcus mariota was healthier than I thought he was going to be. He was able to grip the ball well, and he was thrown it better than I've ever seen him, throw it and it's, you know, I think it's possible that the we, that we underestimated the titans and their offense and the health of mariota and and maybe that they're a little bit better than we thought. But the secondary still has issues right now. I mean, you've got Corey, Graham is Corey Graham gonna see as much playing time in this game as he did as he did on Sunday. They can't let him be on the field for as much as he was last week. Short said it's not ideal. Have Corey for that to be said. I mean, that's clearly that's not swertz lying there that it is rare seems like for him to say something like that. So not a good sign for Corey Graham in that regard. I think we're gonna see you probably more Avantis madea says safety, which. Has really kind of just so bizarre. That wasn't anyone's radar going into last week's game we're talking about, okay. Do you move deal mills result Douglas or what? How do you fill this is Dion dre hall gonna play now just they just move to Monte Matic's who barely played nickel in college only played a corner on the outside for the most part and brought him in drafted him in the fourth round, try to get him in the nickel petition. So playing a new position and clearly in spring practices, I thought he looked like he was a player trying to play a new position. He looked lost. I liked the athletes, the competitive attitude and all that. But when I just I would watch him and he would just get lost in coverage at time. So that wasn't great e obviously improved enough to be a contender in that nickel Horner job with Sidney Jones. So he had a good summer, I felt like, but to just take him from there into throw him on the back end. All right. While you're playing safety now kid, and that's, that's like a big adjustment into its. I think. Almost as a collectively as people who cover and follow the team sports. The I think we're underselling that is that's a big deal today. A guide come in like that and to his credit. It's like it's, it's like having a first baseman trying. I don't know if anybody. That's not a totally. It's not untrue comparison there. It is. It's drastic, I think, and it's, it's just the spot they're in. Really, I don't. It's it's what they have to do. They're really deal spot with with Ronnie going down in Corey, Graham clearly just not being great option kinda makes you wonder or regret in them not signing, maybe someone else who was on there on the market for a while because there was a good safety market for a while, but what's done is done in in the eagles have what they have now in their working here, and it's tough. You're going up against again mentioned earlier in the show a quarterback who is played well against this. This defense, specifically in the past and these wide receiver duos who are going to give eagles trouble. Adam Phelan Stefan days very good players guys who can get vertical guys who can really win all three levels. They can work the entire. The short quick game intermediate long. They can do it all. So this is going to be a really. Tough challenge this week. We saw some good breakdowns of what wrong went. What went wrong with this eagles defence last week from both Benjamin so lack and putting your nation, Michael kiss with a podcast of the kissing select show, and it's clear that Jim Schwartz has worked to do here. They need to figure something they're going to have to adjust. They're going to have to change things up. The just go into this. This game, the same game plan. They have last week and just in line of and expect to win like this is gonna. This is tough. This is a tough game in. This is a tough match-up for this team for his bad of their running game has been John..

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