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Hyundais and Subaru's visit, fit small dot com Transparency. You can trust Eric McClure. W T o p. Traffic Quick. Thank you to NBC for Samara, Theodore, now mostly clear tonight, with temperatures falling into the loaded mid sixties, it's going to be another cool and crisp. Type of night. Very comfortable weather to crack open a window tomorrow. Lenny's Sunshine High temperatures in the low to mid eighties for your Labor Day holiday or dry again, and it's pretty comfortable. Things do change, though, is we had a Tuesday Tuesday high temperatures will be in the upper eighty's plenty of sunshine. The humidity is on the rise. It's gonna feel pretty hot and humid on your Tuesday. By Wednesday highs in the mid eighties. Rain showers are likely Wednesday. Rain is also likely as we move into the end of the week on Thursday high temperatures on Thursday we'll be in the low to mid eighties again. Both Wednesday and Thursday. Look mostly cloudy. We could see a few thunderstorms as well. Stern team for meteorologists. Amara Theodore. Some are It is picture perfect outside our studios 80 degrees right now. Some clouds in the sky at 6 11 Prince George's County Police are looking for a 12 year old girl who went missing in Langley Park yesterday. Shall Rochelle Pontes Martinez last seen in the park between 14th Avenue in Langley Way yesterday afternoon. She's Hispanic, five for three inches tall, weighing £115, a scene wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and a black sweater. We have photos of little shayla and GOP dot com and if you have information, contact the Prince George's County Police Department A former Coast Guard officer thinks the judge gave him too much time behind bars. Now keep in mind. He's behind bars for.

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