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New Year's growls nineteen growl Ramona, Shelburne, none of this twenty eight teen growling stuff, it's the new year. It's a new grill. What they said was that hour and a half that we did last week. It was so good. Yeah. Let's run a back. Okay. It's run about just start the new year with with the same kind of thing. But instead of doing it for an hour now, let's do a whole show. Yeah. Okay. Just give that to the people. It's like happy new year. Here you go. I did not hear from the people like that. Maybe you did. Did you hear from light didn't not hear from them? So you took that as a let's double it. And this is sort of a no news got it. Okay. Right. Greg. Yeah. Pretty much. I think most people are happy that Ramona's here. Ended right there. I mean, it's it's one of those things where if you don't make your opinion known just fill it in for you. Those guys. This is wonderful. So yeah, no Brian Kaminsky Ramona Shelburne here for John and Steve who are returning win. When are they coming back? Are they going to be working twenty nineteen John? We'll be back tomorrow. We're gonna be at the facility facility tomorrow. And we're going to have Kyle coups, MMA and javale McGee. Join us with John and Trudell Mason will be back from El Salvador on Monday, the Salvador. You're funny though, like last week and said that Mason Ireland are on the way out the door. It's possible. Yeah. And then today, you're like everybody wants Ramona, and Brian and they ever gonna look at him advocating for like are you trying to get John? We'll try to keep it. Allies yourself who else is gonna do it. Lori has gone to Brian Ted being used so much younger crack with even cracked the top ten in the here. More than anybody. Just the other eleven people that are ahead of me aren't available. Will you also saying that Mason has control over who comes in here? It's true it so the more you keep doing this. I might have to start going with your. Did you see your Greg? Do the little soft humble kind of power. Yeah. And Vandross? there's no not that. It's the part where oh, you think Mason chooses? What's going on Mason? The Steelers are having this conversation with Ben Rothlisberger Antonio Brown. And basically what you just said is your Ben Rothlisberger? You're staying you're calling the shots around here. And if somebody else needs to be out the door, then so be it. So you can't call yourself though. I ain't Tonio Brown. You're more like dairy Hayward bay. I'm not Levy on bell. Because I show for you. Brian good for you. Thanks ramon. You know, what if you're right if you don't advocate for yourself? You're never gonna get anything. Nobody said no more of that. Like, we left. So I'm just assuming people like Lakers tonight taking on the Oklahoma City thunder in a game that was going to be interesting regardless and then the summertime rolled around. It's always interesting when the thunder and town, you know, and but then the summertime rolled around and Paul George didn't even take a meeting with Magic Johnson. And now he's coming tonight. And he's going to get the crap out of him. Yeah. Like, I it's going to be uncomfortable. I'm actually curious. I mean, there's not a question of if he will get booed. It's a question of how bad will the booze be in comparison to other booze that we've heard going to get? Yes. Hammers hammer. I can't maybe I'm been wrong about stuff before. Like when when Randall was in town before it's like people going to people are gonna be nice to him. Right. Be nice to Joe he did was work really hard and kind of leave and not get paid. Right. And so he didn't really do anything. But there were there were couple smattering meal. But then everybody else was cool. Like, thanks joyous. Hey, we appreciate like, Paul George. He flat stood up the Lakers. And then complained that they didn't want him enough. French is why he did it just fine. But that's going to get you booed. Yeah. He's getting really booth because. Like, not only did his he sort of flirted with them to write like his parents would sit courtside. And he would give these quotes that the all star game that we're like very tally. I mean, he and LeBron talked about playing together..

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