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Your smartphone and join the W. W. J. traffic team on ways from the Arnold a motor group twenty four hour traffic center ambling into our W. W. G. newsradio nine fifty now the accu weather forecast from meteorologist Ryan Thompson we'll continue to see a cloudy sky for tonight will be a shower even a bit of drizzle low down to thirty nine clouds give way to some sunshine for tomorrow with a high near fifty mainly clear tomorrow night a low down to thirty four and for Thursday and Friday with both days we pretty pleasant we noticeably milder with a good deal of sunshine both days a high fifty seven both Thursday and Friday and then some sunshine will give way to clouds heading into Saturday hi fifty nine we could see a little rain Saturday night I'm active with meteorologist Brian Thompson on W. W. J. dreading nine fifty currently and you tried it got cloudy skies the end it's forty three degrees at metro airport at city airport forty two run a virus it's metro Detroit comprehensive local coverage around the clock newsradio nine fifty W. W. J. prices are continuing to slide triple a Michigan says the average price for a gallon of gas from the dollar ninety nine across the US that's the lowest in four years even lower in the Detroit area averaging about a dollar seventy tipsters at the Detroit gas prices dot com website tells the two stations have a cash price of a dollar five a gallon that's at seven east outer drive in Detroit membership Cup places below a dollar ten reported at Costco and Sam's club locations in Roseville Shelby in Utica the ongoing pandemic the current war over crude oil price crude oil prices also contributing triple a expects gas to drop another twenty five cents in April a field hospital maybe popping up in Ann Arbor Michigan medicine prepares for an influx of patients with COPD nineteen within the next two weeks university of Michigan hospitals expect to reach full capacity to meet the needs of the expected surge of coalbed nineteen patients the health care system is looking outside of the hospital Keith Dickey is the chief strategy officer for Michigan medicine for now assessing locations outside of the four walls of our hospitals on our athletic campus for the potential to create a field hospital a five hundred beds or more the initial location we're evaluating and prepping for is in the indoor track at the south apple exclusivity on State Street the field hospital would be for culvert nineteen patients who are stable and could be moved out of the hospital and cared for safely in this environment Dr Deanna Lites WWJ newsradio nine fifty one local emergency room doctor says medical first responders continue to work in an environment of high stress and fear as a number of patients infected with covert nineteen continues to climb that's putting on extracts on our intensive care unit positions a critical care nurse says.

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