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Hey Tommy here <hes>. This podcast is going to be a little bit different than our normal. <hes> unfortunately a tragedy has occurred. Someone has shot and killed multiple innocent people go on a mass shooting at the Gilroy garlic festival today. <hes> what you're here is first hand witnessed this event <hes> just hours after it happened our hearts go out to the families affected by this attack. Oh my Gosh I o made fucking garlic festival in find out some got shot. Oh yeah there was five dead or something like that I was there. Were all fucking text next to make sure he's okay. Fuck Dude. He was serving beer out. There will then fucking com wire. Why are you not tech Holy Shit all them? I'm GonNa text them on. What's is gone on fucking you? Don't take some Shit like like Oreo K- know you fucking call and make sure man what was going on. Oh there is like five people go the garlic festival today. Oh my God from Gilroy. Do That's like fucking twenty minutes from here. Multiple reportedly were injured and Sunday in Shooting Guru Festival today at least seven people have been transferred area hospitals toward the ended the final day of the festival fuck. I mean this is just a few hours ago. Yeah no the <hes>. My Lady was playing it on T._v.. I guess about five people were killed six injured and so on so forth she's Chris James. That's the time to crack a beer beer root beer man. Let's not the fucking point. Hey I just saw some shit on the news about the fucking garment festival you'll pay. Hey Man Yeah I was there. I was there. I'm good. I'm good Oh shit man. It was like I was probably about fifties. I would say about fifty Louis from that from the shock yeah yeah I was there man I was getting ready to go home and I was <hes> in the bridge area and all of a sudden like took in five shots like right away and other mark.

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