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Hundred fifty at risk youth being served every day three hundred nineteen elderly and every disaster that happens we will be first on the scene okay once again how do people do it and when is it too late it's never going to be too late so go to salvation army Orlando dot org and you will see you can register to ring there be a banner for that or you can there be another banner for virtual cattle and you can sign up for either one of those or even both of those and you can give hope to people who have lost their way and for everyone who has that memory of being a child who got that bit of change from mom or dad and got to put it in the cattle now's the time to to do that yourself pass by the way that's a great way to teach children the guy back let and children bring in more money so put your children at the kettles and let them ring bells force and help people who are hungry and people who need help in this community absolutely so why don't you real quickly once again tell people how that money is used that is used for feeding people all through the year a thousand meals a day that is used for three hundred bits of shelter that is used for elderly people that we take care of on our in our complex is a three hundred nineteen apartments hundred fifty at risk youth they get hot meals every day and a lot of training to prevent them from going into homelessness and our pathway of hope that says people back in with dignity and self sustainability and this is to help people in both orange and Osceola yes we are there we actually have many salvation army's in that way about sixty six of them in Florida but I am responsible for orange and Osceola but there's a lot of all of the your listeners all around there's a salvation army near you and they need to you captain can one more time what's the website salvation army Orlando dot org and you can help others happy holidays you too captain can Chapman is the area commander for the salvation army of orange and Osceola county I Beth peril speaking to Jean upper co Solomon she is the executive director of the adult literacy league and I wanted to check in with you gene the last time we spoke you had a big push on for some fundraising because you certainly didn't want to have to let go of any of the programs you offer so how how are things going now hi a bad thing so much for this opportunity we are very I am very pleased to report that things are going well we had a great summer fun reason why is our community really heeded the call and provided us a tremendous amount of support we did a lot of media and and lots of community speaking and then help and we got the attention of even some of our elected representatives the house of representatives for house representative honest commodity visited us and and even wrote an appropriations request on our behalf and we took a contingency to Tallahassee last week to present before the Florida house education subcommittee and our record request was approved unanimously so fingers crossed it stays in the budget this is the first time we've ever had experience with this and were super excited we've got lots of lots of great things happening thanks for asking really good to hear and Hey you know you can use a help still so anybody listening a maybe those into the year donations and some other things going on you might take a look at adult literacy league and in fact why don't you go ahead gene and tell people your mission and adult literacy league yeah so we educate our our mission is to educate.

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