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360 homes destroyed 14,000 still considered under threat. No containment on that up around Lake Tahoe, the fork fire burning west of town was forced hundreds of evacuations. And in an unprecedented move, the National force around that area have been shut down. The U. S. Forest Service has banned all campfire stoves any ignition devices in 14 National forest spanning 15 million acres. Campers told to leave Camp grounds closed in the top hole basin in the adjoining Tahoe in Eldorado national forests, the Plumas National Forest north of town roads, trails and wilderness areas, including the Pacific Crest Trail remained technically open. But since you can't light a stove or a campfire Effectively. Most people will be told to get out of the woods just ahead on KCBS. What the smoke has to do with getting the power turned back on right now. KCBS traffic information that this update comes from your local Honda dealers Traffic center. Yet the line keeps getting longer than Los Altos. This's longstanding accident now North bound to 80, south of Magdalena, in Los Altos car on its roof Fire department assisting here with the injured two right lanes are still blocked. Traffic is backing up. Almost all the way to foothill. So do expect major delays on the section A Tu ETI. In fact, you might want to swing wide and, you know, pick up one of the surface streets like Foothill Expressway and avoid that section of 2 80. If you cut back using Magdalena, you will be north of the accident scene. So that's a good alternate for you right now. In the meantime, let's take another look at the Bay Bridge. It was trouble earlier. Not so much now, Stan. We're starting to see a real improvement here. The film, not a body collision campus, seeing incredibly foggy and murky conditions at the tolls, But the line is shorter. It's just stretches back to the 80 ramp no longer into the maze, and we still have a sluggish spot coming down from Albany Hill into the Gilman area right around the racetrack in Berkeley, but That has loosened up considerably as well. Let's take another look at 37. That's been a very heavy this morning because a lot of folks were avoiding in the Bay Bridge. We think westbound 37 still crowded off the Mayor Island bridge and we see sluggish conditions reaching serious point. So this is looking a little bit better as well. Your next updates at 18 on the traffic leader.

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