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Research and education women inc and author of comm commodore women right to the new vice president published by red lightning books as the first woman of color elected. Vice president of the united states commonly harris broke down barriers and history energizing a lot of women who have something to say seeing a woman who look like them occupying the second most powerful office in the free world women from africa to california canada. Florida began writing to the new president in a book. Burcham share generational thoughts concerns and feelings written to vice-president harris the letters of also describing the call to action for those who will be at the vice president side through the next four years. I'm john johansen junior. And welcome to another edition of and black america on this week's program. Dear kamla women. Right to the new vice-president with author dr peggy books burcham part to in black america. Here's the fact. The hardest thing in the world is to get. If you don't know someone the hardest thing in the world is to get a book in the hands of a president of the united states or vice president and i can tell you i remember trying to get a book to michelle obama for example. I was at a stop where the president we're obama was and i was having such a fit of trying to get a book to michelle obama that we will somewhere out You know where the president was. And i said i call out to the president. I was going to throw out. Throw your book. The secret service mainly novas it. I don't think he should do that. Is the plane crazy. I wasn't prepared up book. No miss you don't wanna do that. And he wasn't smiling either so no. He's very difficult but we have about five people sitting. Us senators us congressman at least one or two from buffalo. Who said don't worry we're gonna get this book tour and always said well take a photograph of you putting it in her hands and send it to me so i can put it on facebook when senator kamla hairs was chosen by president. Joe biden on august eleven to twenty to be his running mate is vice-president. Another glass ceiling was broken. Harris will become the first african american the first asian american and the third woman to pick as the vice presidential nominee for major party ticket on that day. Dr peggy brooks burcham began working on her latest project. Dear camera women. Right to the new vice-president the book is a dynamic compilation. One hundred and twenty heartfelt and emotionally moving letters to america's first african american and woman vice president burcin bridges the gap bringing women of all ages races and nations. Who are living at different points in their lives. Having had very different experiences together in one book telling their stories letter by letter on today's program we conclude our conversation with dr peggy books. Burcham got involved in a whole bunch of things and did a lot of stuff that i wanted to do. So my background is really eclectic and for a never 'cause nobody my family did and we weren't educated to think that way nobody said go out and prepare yourself for a career so i you know i did what i liked to do and what i could do. Best and I and i did good standing in front of people talking about things and you know Pulling programs together and doing research once. I realized that if there was something to be found about something i could find a way to find it as i. You know love doing that. And i wrote children's books and did a number of things and and so this is just part and parcel of it. And i've once i couldn't once i felt that i wasn't gonna get an opportunity to fit into the heavily structured academic framework. Or what have you. i didn't push it. I mean even though. I've taught at the school of medicine here at ub. But i was the person that would be called in to teach special course but i was never a tenure track kind. I you know. I wasn't going to be at a university for six years waiting for somebody to say that's a lisa had was okay. That just never was going to suit me so things just sorta kinda happened to me and i kinda rolled along with it and if somebody would say well. Do you wish you had done it differently. I don't know if i would've known how to do differently. I wasn't the person that could stay in lockstep with You know you gotta do this. I got i wasn't the i could do that so i just did what i could do. And and so it was just athletic career. you know. i've written some writing. Because i was very interested in the health of black women especially mental health. So i've written about African american women and depression and other kinds of illnesses. You know so. that's how come i. I look like a very strange character. Collect effective is understatement. I mean the things that you've accomplished as far as is short of amazing. But i am. I am truly impressed. Let's talk about this current project. Dear carmela women right to new vice president. This was a no brainer after de michelle. Hey this is a no brainer. But even in between back about two thousand and twelve. I did another Lettuce for the first black woman. Who was the superintendent buffalo public school and it was writing to her and letting the people who Students i interviewed students and i had a really quite different experience because there were a group of young people who were basically incarcerated in juvenile holding centers. You i leave another place existed and but there was a project in buffalo which is across the country. now call say yes to education and I made a proposal to them that since we now had this new superintendent we needed to ask people in buffalo especially students what they thought about. So i said why. Don't i do a book of lettuce for you. And that's what i did. And i was fascinated with because it was the first time in my life i had been in a juvenile facility where young children were kept and to look at how they lived on the lock and key and under the watchful eye of in a huge building. I you know is maybe something. I'll return to later. But i was really dumbfounded to go and talk to children who under lock and key and And get them to write letters..

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