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The have a cart that says best actor the area they put it on your voice real a hair day for you know by the way i love is on their just about that it always leave a resident of i call your backyard by people guy that's a good idea to get a card i didn't have a guard before scenario feel like you would be a little weird that one after after new geiszer casey affleck at the jimmy fun i think it was too there to be fair to them they they're not gonna give you the jimmy find you're not going to give the casey affleck with sexual harassment allegations cupboard chief shot future to ask for that oh ho no no can you can you not eat over on the air switch that got him ask really roca that was you're a deal so got ta absolutely not real quick i casey affleck a two thousand ten amanda whitey producer and director photography magdalena gorka filed separate lawsuits against casey affleck in which women alleged sexual harassment during the course of this one occasion affleck instructed crewmember take off his pants orders show the point of his penis after the the point of objectives repeatedly referred to women's cows he discusses sexual exploits in those of other celebrities the witness knacks ask the plaintiff is about time we get pregnant chew are they walked themselves and they in her bedroom aflac also attempted to manipulate heard the staying though tower room within which he resisted he grabbed her in a hostile manner in an effort to intimidate or to complying in an at what point also read the other story while she was sleeping he stuck into her bedroom in slept with her fell asleep with her in the emmy's mary drugs yeah what surveys now i mean it's olive had his heart creepiest yes so there you go they of a dark side that film with his guy you know again cami loves him won the academy award last sheer and all that stuff bill cosby voted for opel cost rump well glasgow's moved back via buyout aide out feel like.

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