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Tell US straight data delegate. We got to celebrate. I'm in bed awake for myself. Let's start let's stop right there. He you have so much on your plate. You do have to delegate some things like maybe mailing something I delegate that I delegate transcribing the show I don't don't get the show notes. I don't delegate creating the content or writing the title for the shows right or the outlines but I do delegate making the cool icons the graphic design the artwork that goes with every show I delegate we'll get that. Why do you do that because i? I'm really good at Photoshop and used it I would. I would spend hours doing them if I didn't delegate it and I feel like that's the one part I can deal at the John and Darlan Tucker's better than I am. I was really good. He's much better. So you want to delegate things I mean Dr Recommen- you can delegate a lot of things what things can you delegate there at your at Your chiropractic center what can you delegate. So like calls to patients who missed missed appointments. Okay that's something that yeah my staff takes care of that and scheduling Some of the billing tasks once I've put my notes in then they can actually take those notes and use them to create the billing statements but the adjustments. The you know the exams those remind those things one is is important for me to do them feel like anybody who delegates the wrong things. Just WanNa make a cover of Warren g's regulators because delegators delegates tell me the do things Jayson UC clients before. We're able to help them when when you first meet a client and before we can help them. What are some of the things that are trying to delegate? They should not be delegating. They're are tracking A. It's the biggest one I've had at least five five maybe ten. Oh man it's a lot this month. I Bet I bet you. It's by twenty clients that I've had a spiritual spiritual interaction with them because of the clients drifting how it goes you send me their information. I call him talked to One lady grow grow lady. She was delegating tracking to a million under team who was not accurately recording the number of leads. They got every week so they were getting breakfast. Forty leads a week and they were closing about twenty of those leads And she said they were only get about twenty one leads a week. Why do you think that the person who has dealt who is tracking the numbers was artificially reporting a lower number of leads? Dr Brick well. Then there's accessory looked better. We just found out this week's tracking one woman and there's guys who just on these specific ones this week. One woman closed three out of forty presentations and and the medical space three maybe certain industries where that's normal I mean let Her who you wanted to definitely predecessor close though like ninety percent the and it is as bill. Let's listen to a little bit more of the song real quick. This is a powerful song. Delegate this one's called elevate my drink now this is. He's talking about how he's having success. He's marinate non it but listen.

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