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Now. The only thing you had to worry about was drag dragging who wanted my shoes. Yes. John's who love them. Yeah. So there was plenty of parking down there. What what years did you live in New York? I let's see I I lived in Miami from ninety one ninety ninety one to ninety four and then I lived in New York from ninety five to two thousand should go to Miami for school. I went to Miami. Because all my Queen friends move down there and Boston was freezing. And I had no idea what I wanted to do. I graduated high school in eighty seven and they all moved down there, and they said come down. And so I went down one winter, and I stayed at the fountain blue hotel. And there was nowhere to work. There was one gay bar that wait a minute. There was a few at ninety one ninety one. There was there was like one Gable glove salt. Saw club deco club. Deca was around the block that cameo. Wait a minute. I know club new club deca were there. They weren't necessarily gay bars. But they were gay friendly. Right. Right. Right. Always the big worse. I was a cocktail waitress by trade in Boston. And there was no straight club for me to work. And right. So. I was in the lobby of the fountain blue hotel deciding what to do and a scorpion walked across my foot. And I thought I'm out of here. There's nowhere for me to work in the scorpions. I'm going home. And I went back to Boston for like nine months. The next winter. My friends called me up and said, my friend Jesse called me up and said there is a straight club opening. We have an apartment for you in this building. It was called the Dounia. It was on Collins writing back at the police station. He's a comeback. So I went back, and I got a job at that club. Was it was. Rebar re bar, and there was one in New York. Yeah. Heard of the brothers the Dorian brothers owned it. They owned one in New York. And then I worked at a club called velvet and the Sinatra bar at a scorpion the score. And you are Scorpio. When I still was prayed of that. And you don't play a song walk into my house a couple years ago scorpion front door Alabama's right in? No. There's there's a place in Mexico called Queen Malla that I went to with our friend Martin. And there's it's this beautiful resort outside manzanilla, and they have ditches in front of all the. Guest rooms and the score. So the scorpions can't get into your room. They will fall in the ditch and they won't be able to get out climb. And the staff of the hotel goes around every night with a blue light. And they look in the in the trench for in the collect all the scorpions and they put them in a jar. And they burn them really took quite quickly que- Malla quick smaller. It's it's Q U Rimac office. I do. It's scorpion freeze what it is being free. Although not, but it's an amazing wildlife preserve in if a time when I went with Martin, it was not open to the public..

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