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Chef the Adam Schefter in place. Mike tannenbaum riding shotgun in studio and I'm your host Jordan cornett filling in for Laura Rutledge. Let's get right to it, fellas. Everybody knows the rules. I read and you react that we start with Dalton Schultz. Coming off career highs in every category last season and tied with a team leading 8 touchdown receptions. Chef, what's the latest on Schultz? Well, Jordan, no deal got done between the Dallas Cowboys and the tight end Dalton Schultz who now is set to play this year on the one year $12.9 million tight end tag with $10.9 million tight end tag Schultz will be up after the season contractually speaking. And that's really appropriate to have Dalton Schultz play on a one year deal. He's a good player. He was productive last season, but he is not a dynamic game changing athlete. I wouldn't be surprised to see him play out the tag this year and move on while Dallas allocates precious resources to other positions. He's a good player, but certainly not a great player. The one tied into another dolphin's Titan might get sicky, also posted career highs, 73 receptions, 780 yards last season. Chef, he gave it to me. What's the latest? No deal here. No deal close to being done. No deal ever got close to being done here. And so Micah sikhi right now is scheduled to play this year on the one year tag and also like Dalton Schultz set to become a free ATX of the season, but he signed his franchise tender, so we'll have to be there for the start of camp. Guys, I was in Miami when we drafted Mike gazecki. He is a great athlete, but about 85% of the staff last year. He was detached from the core. He's really a wide receiver, not a great blocker, but he's a great mismatch. He's somebody that would Garner a lot of interest in the market next year. If Miami doesn't re sign after the season, he can be a difference maker, especially on third down and in the red zone. How about those boys from a jungle? Bengal safety Jesse Bates also tagged. A Bengals mainstay on defense, making 67 of a possible 69 starts in the regular season, including playoffs. Chef D Bates. Hey, Jordan, another situation in which a deal did not get done and did not really come close to getting done. And unlike the other two players, Jesse beitz has not signed his franchise tender. So he is not obligated to be a training camp when it begins he can show up whenever he wants to sign that tender. There's no pressure there, but no deal between Jesse Bates and the Cincinnati Bengals and he's a defensive leader there. He's a leader off the field, but on the field, he's extremely versatile. We saw him play close alliance scrimmage at linebacker. We've seen him play slot corner and we've seen him play traditional free safety. He is extremely versatile and very valuable to the spaniel defense. Jordan, for your Bengals to get to where they want to go. They need to keep him long-term somehow some way. Mike T you get my co signature for what it's worth. Finally, chiefs versatile tackle Orlando Brown junior made the Pro Bowl. Each of the last three seasons, he's moved to that left tackle position probably because he wants that money that comes with it. Chef, what's the latest on Brown? Well, Jordan, the chiefs offered him a 6 year $139 million extension that included over $30 million in guaranteed money. He did not take the deal. He did not get an extension done. And so today's deadline for franchise players was about as eventful as the supplemental draft this year and there is no supplemental draft this year. Four players eligible for deals, none got done. Again, sort of like watching you supplemental draft. Yeah. Look, I'm a little surprised to have this thing get done Orlando Brown is a good tackle. He's not a great tackle. If there was meaningful guaranteed money in the software, which I'm sure there was, I would have taken it if I was him because I can't imagine someone's going to give him that much of a bigger deal on the market next year. If I'm Kansas City, I am planning for his replacement and I'm drafting attacker early next year in the draft and letting him move on. Nothing personal. Just business. Speaking of elite guys up front offensively. Over the last two weeks, Jeremy Fowler has been releasing the top ten by position. According to a survey of league execs, coaches scalps and players. Today was a final position, offensive tackle. San Francis Trent Williams, Thompson list getting nearly 80% of the first place votes right behind him. Tom Brady shield 23 year old Tristan worse from the bucks. Mike, take a look at that list. What draws your intrigue? To me, what's really interesting, guys, is the age of these players over half of them are 30 years old or older. So it just shows you that if you have the ability and understand the nuance of playing tackle, you can play at a high level for a long time. One name that to me, I was surprised to make the list guys. Jordan mulatta, who really has a very atypical background, didn't play college football. It was somebody that the eagles drafted late in the 7th round. To me, he is a guy that has all the physical Billy in the world, and he's just gonna get better and better. We're seeing him here. He plays with nasty demeanor, he's tough, he's smart, and he's only gonna get better. I know how much they like him. And I think he will be somebody when we're talking about this list and years to come. He could actually work his way Jordan into the top 5. Well, let's stay with those eagles and they placed three players in the positional top ten all coming on the offensive side of the ball too offensive lineman, lane Johnson and Jason Kelsey along with tight end Dallas coder. Two more offensive players honorable mention. New receiver AJ Brown in the aforementioned tackle, my lada. So as you look at this, so much around Jalen hurts, how much of the pressure inevitably falls on the off talked about signal caller. There's a lot of pressure on Jalen hurts because they've done such a good job of surrounding him with so many productive weapons, but at the end of the day, Jordan, he's not good enough. And here's why. When the ball travels 20 yards or more down the field, he's only completing about 37.9% of those passes. And that's 20th in the NFL and I promise you guys, if I know that, opposing defensive coordinators know that. And what that does is it shrinks the field and you can impact your spacing from a defensive standpoint. It's just hard to complete the ball. So we need to see Jalen hurts get the ball down the field. More accurately consistently, if he can do that, this offense can take the next step. Well, Philadelphia Mike needs to see him get the ball downfield more accurately. And I think that they believe that either he can do that this year and they're going to ride with him and if he shows he can't, then they're set up next year to potentially go find his successor because even though this team moved up the board on draft night and even though it traded for AJ Brown, it still left itself with enough picks and enough ammunition to go out and maneuver around the draft next year if that's what the eagles need to do for a quarterback. But that's for a future day. What their hope is is that right now that Jalen hurts surrounded by all this offensive firepower and there's as much offensive firepower here as there is on just about any team in the NFC that he will take the next step like the rest of this team prove he's worthy of being the face of the franchise, the quarterback of the future and Philadelphia could continue to ride with Jalen hurts. There's a great scouting axiom that applies here, which is the tape sets the floor and character sets the ceiling, meeting, will a player maximize his ability. Jalen hurts his character is off the charts. So whatever he has, they're going to get this year has a really good offensive coach and Nick Siri. It's going to be great to watch this year. Can he actually develop and take the next step? I agree with what Adam said, which is multiple first round picks. Now, if you're Philadelphia, you're dealing from a position of strength, you're not locked into jail and hurts long term. Next year's draft looks like it's going to have a lot of good quarterbacks. So you have a lot of optionality as a season goes on. Well, piggybacking off that Mike T is you talk about character. I mean, the captain lane Johnson and speaking about hurts, pontificated on his poise, his leadership is professionalism and says, he demands respect. So I heard you earlier today talking about that Prescott and the character there and how those intangibles matter, it seems like they've got that all the way in spades when you talk about their quarterback in Jalen hurts. So reason to be optimistic there. All right, we've got a developing story here on NFL live. Regarding the Houston Texans and deshaun Watson, for more, we bring in chef, he wants more. What is the latest here?

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