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That turned visitors away today will reopen the irs can once again start answering your tax questions let's get some final thoughts on all of this we start with abc's lana zak as we await president trump's signature and lana we await to hear anything from president trump tonight and that's exactly right erin and thing that i'm going to continue watching his held a debate really unfolds from here seventeen days is all that's left to fix an issue that has been unresolved for years the major wildcard in all of this is going to be president trump what he blesses what he stands opposed to remember all of the agreement in the senate doesn't mean anything if it doesn't pass muster with the house and with the president members in that the republican member of in the house are going to be looking for the oval office for guidance about what they can get away with their and it's worth pointing out errand that there is also another deadline that is looming march fifth that's the day that the government's protection of the eight hundred thousand dreamers in this country runs out in the white house still has not gone firm on the record about whether or not president trump would then allow the us government to start deporting these socalled dreamers abc's lana zak in washington with abc's mary alice parks up on capitol hill mary alice you know democrats have been so united in the first year of the trump presidency that this week we started to see a rather unruly caucus chuck schumer learned that it can be hard even for him to control all of his democrats expecially on a more politically nuance topics some pretty tricky votes there were red state democrats really didn't feel like they could vote with democrats coming from deeper belur states expecially on the coast we saw just a real breakdown in the caucus you know i think it's important reminder to this week that some of the issues on the table we're incredibly bipartisan to begin with that if you brought of any of these individual issues for votes separately.

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