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Must be found not listening joining us. I'm. Not Interested. Where your host. All right to. Where your host Anderson and that's the right order and today topic is top five months I'll call these meat and potatoes episodes Anderson, and this is almost quite literally data's I. Get I mean if chefs were food that would be meat and potatoes as we do top-five meet. Scenes. Now I. Guess we could you know what I thought of as I was doing this. We had a discussion about. Should we do another episode cooks and chefs no not really worth know splitting hairs out then however what we should do and this, this has a lot of meat on this bone. No Pun intended. By, bartenders. Oh we never done bartenders especially with bloody nose empty pocket, we drinking scenes and. Characters liked to have a drink laundry day I was talking about that movie from the listener who? Who Listens the program and he made that movie about bars. Yeah. There's yeah. There's a lot of bartenders and movies I think Micron would be number one. Hey. Little. A little bit of. Business, at the top. Are merch which. I almost forgot to get something. So I said last week that that would be the last week Our New merch store is still I'm addressing some notes in going back and forth the long story short the Merch is still available Probably by this time next week, we'll be down and I'm glad that I thought because I was about to close those. Those the store down both for my group or stuff as well as the stuff, and then I realized I haven't even gotten anything. So I ordered a couple things for myself and I got one of those no text grouper shirt. So it's just meg lighting the cigarette with the teaser and it's on a green shirt and. Sweet Shirt Gimme some some swag, not not groupers of course, but film is there anything in my face on it? No Yeah. The one of. The most recent artwork. Ludwig Van Bacon and it's still on there. It's clockwork orange themed and that's three of US actually Logan's on their three drugs and the crew of milk bar and It's my favorite film vault art ever created. So let's get to do I do one of those I do have one of those and you recording, right? Yes you're recording. Oh Shit. Yes. I, got a bad feeling about this episode. I don't know what it is but I got my spidey sense dome. Oh, here we go life that. Things Mitch Burns who compiles Ahah list of some samplings of what the listeners are watching since the last time we we got together at the cover three on twitter saw the devil all the time. It's a bad. It's bad in the best possible way and I can't stop thinking about it. Robert Pattinson was legit excellent in it and deserves all the award nominations hopefully coming his way and the weird voice he did. Chef kiss that was all from the cover three on twitter I was gonNA take a dive on this one. I have I have heard some not so great things on this. Have you seen? You know it's two to two hours twenty minutes so I didn't get to IT I. Didn't get to it. I one two and a half hour. Robert Pattinson movie a months is about my limit I've already reached that. Maybe, next month, which is next week. So here we got Mark Woods on facebook I watched the Sandlot with my seven year old and almost five-year-old no, they were totally into it. Thank God my five year old was a little freaked by the beast but he ultimately came around But the highlight was my seven year old commenting that she can throw a ball farther than smalls. That's pretty good. Pretty good. Thank you. Mark would mark. Woods at Nikko Time on twitter. No safe spaces. Good. Good learned nothing was cool seeing the Baldwin in a movie what? People tell me that I'm probably end up you know aside shot or something I don I doubt I'M Say Anything. Yup I. Feel like. Documentary about free speech I have I have not no corolla had very little to do with it. Actually I think even by his own admission. was along for the ride on that one slot, his name monitor whatever. The. Nikko Time also saw the social dilemma not good. Learn nothing. Hey, how dare you social almost good. I'm noticing a trend here with this at nickel time. Apparently, he knows everything he learned nothing from safe spaces and learn nothing social dilemma so. It's every now and again tweets he tweets me relentlessly and Nixon good guy his name is in fact, neck I don't know that it is but yeah, Nick Nick, opinions I would like to share them rarely. Do I, see a documentary where I learned nothing I mean even if I'm really well versed usually there's at least one thing. So I imagine there's some hyperbole there Nikko Time. And I. Hope that's not in reference to that movie. Naked Time. Nicot time. because. That's not good beacon and knock good backup backup for one second. Because you you've seen the social dilemma that you have not talked about it because I I saw a week or so ago, holding off trying to line up with you this. Couple of weeks ago I wasn't talk about making a lot of a lot of noise on social media obviously people talking about it say it's changed their lives I didn't find it that impactful but. Mary maybe we'll so I I don't WanNa do to documentaries in one feature. So I'm trying to stay away from the documentary..

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