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And I realized that was David sedaris. His name when he was in Santa land. He wrote a book those Santillan diaries, and he wrote that into a lot of his writings, and I was like, oh, Amy sedaris is sisters in this movie. That's probably a shoutout to to David sedaris. A lot of the New York comedians knew him. And and yeah, but yeah, he has written about and he has other. They did actually get locker rooms to change in interesting. Yeah. Because they had like their special uniforms that were given to them you had to you had to wear what it was you would change and they probably weren't as nice as the ones. They're also Zoe national says she showering there because her water was turned off. But like it shows her apartment later, and that is a nice apartment by New York standard that is a nice big apartment to be living in on your own. But she's eating Rahman. So she's poor. Yes. But because he has such a childlike understanding of the world. He doesn't realize that he's like invading this space apparently doesn't realize that she is naked in the shower. And then just like is sitting near where she is. And then sings along with her, so that's horrible and scary. She does confront him a few scenes later where race but that scene ends with her being like. Because she starts by saying like, hey, I need to talk to you. And then she asked him. Why did you do that? And he's like what I just love Christmas. And then she's like, okay. That is they could have cut the first two scenes and replaced it with anything I feel like to their relationship. Because like because watching this thing is that like, I know there's the obnoxious like, you know, this person makes you see the world in like a different way. But like I've got to say that like being like a grumpy morbid person myself like I have dated a lot of people where like they came in. And they were like, let's have fun. And I was like begrudgingly like, okay. All right, fine. I'm actually having fun. Okay. This is a good time. And yeah, that's actually that's happened to me in my life. Where like you meet somebody? Cheerful entered affects your life in a positive way. Like that is thing that happens. It's a stupid tro. But it is a thing that has happened in my life at least, and you know, it could have been done in a way without him creeping on her right? But the fact that so many romantic storylines in movies start out this way. We're like she's like, no, no, no get away from me. Don't talk to me, the most agreements example of this. I think at least the movie that we've covered was the notebook where like like Rachel mcadams says, no like fifty pills. I so don't go on a little date with me. You know, I had a guy come up to me. I was I was actually I think my friend is in the audience tonight. Who was with me we were in Europe together after my? Yeah, she's smiling. And I was in Vienna. And we were like separated for a few days, and I went off on my own to this park. And there was like a ferris wheel nearby. And this guy came by and asked me asked me to go out with him and go to a party with him. And I was like, no. And I told him over and over again, I was like no I have a boyfriend. No, I'm not interested. I'm interested, and he he tried to liberally philosophical, and he was like, but you just don't know where life is going to leave you. And I think eventually I just walked away. He never did anything like physically threatening. He was just it was just kind of stupid. But. Like, I told some people about it afterwards. And they were like, oh like the notebook. That romantic pantheon? That's yeah. That movie is just like the notebooks a whole situation. Yeah. I guess like I'm gonna kill myself. If you don't be my girlfriend. Well, yes, see I had like a really complicated relationship that movie because I was like so much about this as upsetting, but I had like a really big crush on racial mcadams. So yeah, so, but then I watched her and other things so..

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