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Mindfulness mode it's immoral to be discouraged by the magnitude of the problem. The good that we can do we must still. And if i can't do this then i must do it. Welcome to mindfulness mode. This is bruce. It's so good to have you here. I absolutely love today's guest. I think you are going to love her as well. She offers so much for us as we move through this pandemic so many ideas tips thoughts and just listening to the episode. I think will lift you up so sit back. Relax enjoy today's episode. Reach new heights of calm. Focus and happiness right here in mindfulness mode with me your host and mindfulness life coach. Bruce langford a mindful tribe. We talk about mindfulness but we also talk about the science behind it. We talk about health. We talk about so many aspects that are connected to mindfulness. And i have a very very interesting guests today that i'm so excited to share with you because she's a health writer she's a science writer. She is done so many things in areas that are connected to mindfulness and she's recently written a book called how to be up in down times and she's written that with a couple of co writers. We'll talk about that later. But i'm so excited to have mitzi purdue with me today mitzi are you in mindfulness mode today yes.

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