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Recommend the new Aaron Sorkin film written and directed by him called the trial of the Chicago seven. This is a film to definitely see now to help with. Your election anxiety, the trial, the Chicago seven is a new historical legal drama at streaming written and directed Sorkin and streaming now is, of course, the story of a group of anti, Vietnam War protesters arrested for inciting riots the Democratic convention in Nineteen Sixty Eight, they're put on trial which they in real life turned into a political theater with a whole list of folk heroes, a star witnesses, Arlo Guthrie they read off the names of the American soldiers killed in the war they knew Nixon which is trying to set up A. Show trial and get them arrested and they were right. So they turn their show trial into political theater. Let that be a lesson to us. In case, trump stays in power in its show trial time turn your show trial to an art festival like dated the film takes poetic. License of course. So you don't see so much of the protest festival in the court and Tom Hayden in real life was a lot more radical during the trial. Then shown in the film, it's still a powerful film and very much worth watching. Now so in Chicago nineteen, sixty eight, the protesters were blamed for starting the riots. We now know that cops started the riots. They did this to discredit the left in the eyes of the country in order to justify suppressing the left and discredit Nixon's political opponents to help the Republicans in elections and it worked. Have you seen the nineteen seventy, two electoral map the entire United States electoral map of the nineteenth to election is read for Nixon, with the exception of Massachusetts in Washington DC. So this brings us to the twenty twenty election where trump is again using Nixon's playbook. He's got law and order trump lawn signs on the homes of his supporters and. He's trying to push this jobs not mobs. He uses that he uses that in his campaign ads jobs, not mobs and showing all these blue cities as lawless anarchy in all of it and the fiery riots. So now this is interesting just like the cops started the riots in nineteen, sixty eight, we have reporting that these far right fascists are trying to start riots fueling violence on the ground. So from Minnesota's leading newspaper The Star Tribune Texas member of BOO Golo boys charged with opening fire on Minneapolis police precinct during protests over George Floyd. Fed say taxes adherent of far right group fired on precinct building conspired with cop killer to ignite civil war. From W. S. L. S. ten a local TV news network in Roanoke Virginia. Police say Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as black lives matter. So again, trump is relying on Nixon's playbook. He's running TV ads. I've seen one that save jobs, not mobs and the trump yard signs now say trump law and order will this work it could the election could be closed. So that's why you gotta get out there make phone calls and syntax even if you've never done it before again, we're going to be doing this to Pennsylvania. At four thirty PM central. Saturday. So join us there make some calls it. You'RE GONNA be helping save civilization view Yep and it just it brings to mind the Nixon playbook is the Roy Cohn playbook Glenn his as we've mentioned many times was the infamous lawyer for Joe McCarthy during them carthy hearings then became a lawyer for the five Mafia families of New York. City and he was also a key advisor of Nixon, and a lot of the strategies that trump has learned whether how he deals with the media with the combination of. End Bribes and manipulation with how he deals with judges following the famous ray maximum where it says, you know I don't want to know what the law is. I want to know who the judges in therefore control policy that way these sorts of. These allusions of mob riots from civil rights protesters and you know capturing, you know what Nixon would call the silent majority which is not something I really exists right now we may have a silent minority of people who are racist in don't publicly WanNa be racist in the way that trump fans would. Enjoy being racist I don't think it's quite gonNa work the same way, and honestly I think it's an indicator of trump's mind which is basically frozen around like nineteen eighty eight. It's like as if everything just shut down his cultural references and his. Playbook a lot of it's still works and obviously has many other people advising him who are more up to date, and he shows a natural affinity for modern propaganda means like social media, reality television, and so forth. But this is an old playbook the it's very interesting to see these reports coming out of who actually instigated violence that this protest. The same was true with the Minneapolis my at the time in Minneapolis they were black owned businesses being burnt down. There are businesses being burnt down in areas that weren't anywhere near the protests and so on. Twitter people who actually live in Minneapolis were saying like this is not the work of black protesters and of course, black protestors are enraged and should be enraged. Anyone of conscience should be enraged about this but the logistics just didn't match up and I remember witnessing the same thing in Ferguson firsthand when it was happening in at. Twenty fourteen because I live in. Saint Louis and I was there for those protests and I would see random white people who didn't recognize burning shut up and it was annoying it was something that the black community here really wanted them to go because it was not their place it was not where they lived and most of all they knew that, of course, the Saint Louis Police are looking for pretexts to arrest black protestors they're looking for any means possible. Often they don't even come up with one they just you know we'll randomly. Arrest and decide what crime you committed after the fact but they opened the door and so a lot of people say, Oh, God don't talk about the trope of outside agitators Martin Luther King warned against that but you know, yes, it can be used as a damaging trope. But at other times there really are outside agitators there're people from the proud boys. There are people from all these white supremacist groups there's an issue with militia groups they take advantage of this opportunity and they stage it for cable TV consumption you know that's something. That didn't exist in one, thousand, nine, hundred sixty is this twenty, four, seven news cycle in which they can just play. You know the same clips of burning streets or burning buildings all the time to create an image of a protest that steeped in violence when the actual protest is more expansive, more sophisticated, and usually you know not violent not oriented toward arson, but the news doesn't particularly like that..

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