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Into it at the same time seven traffic and i just saw budget like mayweather mcgregor trash blah blah blah mike i can't wait to get to a spot where i just get to like mainline all of this and boy did not disappoint all the you know did this point i think in the trash talk game mayweather he left lot to be desired but are boy conor mcgregor he he brought it sartorially and conversationally and it was really conversation was pretty confrontational actually sartorially that might be wills teaching word of the day for the sat won't get you a dictionary definition on that one coming up and make sure that we educate the masses because will vocabulary far outpaces the rest of us it'll conor mcgregor trash trash talk vocabulary does it need to be that highbrow for this especially with all the media should that he had going against floyd mayweather last night starting with the outfit he brought in well maybe not sound she went rogue army sergey the the the explanatory you can actually say i don't know how they could be sound about this suit because he can't say what it said if it that is this isn't about mcgregor's to yet we'll get to that but i mcgregor saw floyd's outfit today is it of two even of anymore that isn't it he is there's no way is lil core i'm going to another male inside four rounds my my words there are five at the trash talk was funny gas started off with a bang and floyd for anyone that's not watching this on the internet right while right now while they're driving stuck in traffic like well was foreign head is there a red white and blue hoodie of zorzi basically had.

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