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The SUV's down 1/10 of a percent now down four. Dow's down 2/10 of a percent down 55. The NASDAQ's Up 3/10 of 1% Up 30 to 10 year is down for 30 seconds. The yield 300.71% West Texas Intermediate Prudie's down 7/10 of a percent of 37 80 of Barrel connects goals up, 7/10 of representing 1968 70 announced. The dollar yen is little changed right now. The euro is dollar 18 79, the British found a dollar 28 31. That is a Bloomberg business Flash. I'm Gregg Jarrett. Balance of Power continues now with David Western right here on Bloomberg Radio. This is balance of power on Bloomberg Television and radio. I'm David Weston. We turned out of Mark Crumpton for blood work. First Word news, David. Thank you. It's likely to be the final stage of the months long battle over fiscal stimulus. The Senate votes today whether to advance has slimmed down Republican pandemic relief Bill. Democrats say they have the votes to block the measure. It's not clear that will lead to more negotiations. Democrats want a much larger bill than Republicans will go for the United States is ending its cove in 19 screening of international travelers arriving at airports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had been testing passengers on all flights from high risk areas to 15. U. S airports. CDC says the system wasn't effective because so many people who transmit the disease don't show symptoms. The government says it will now focus more on voluntary measures such as educating passengers and requesting contact information. Elektronik Lee President Trump is pushing ahead with a visit to Nevada this weekend even after Corona virus restrictions, mixed his plans for a big rally. The Trump campaign had scheduled a 5000 person rally at an airport hangar in Reno, but the airport told a private aviation company that would violate state restrictions and raise security concerns over protests. President State campaign co chair is calling it a partisan political retribution from Nevada's Democratic governor. Iran began its annual military drills today near the strategic straight of our moves the so called war games they're taking place and escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Iranian state media showed footage of various short range missiles and jet fighters being launched. Units from the Iranian Navy. Air Forces and ground forces are taking part in those drills. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on quick take by Bloomberg powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. I'm Mark Crumpton, this is Bloomberg. David. Thank you so much, Mark. The European Central Bank today held steady on both rates and its.

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