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For three Eldorado is Let Larry know what's on your mind. Uh, I just felt really encouraged by it was phenomenal. The documented You know a ll course. A lot of it was like preaching to the choir. Because, of course, I knew a lot already. However, it was just a good reminder that you know that people like me do exist in the world. And that there is Pete like minded individuals. I think like me, because to be honest guys could be lonely. Sometimes I feel like I'm a one man army. And though I do have you guys a good community on YouTube and a few friends of hat, it still feels like you're alone a lot of times because you know, whenever you're alone, just you just feel defeated isn't like, for example, leftist Democrats that got their bodies, everyone's there. You can't encourage them back them up with their gettinto argument or a scuffle. Whatever book burn someone like us, You know, Usually we're on the Internet over talking to a person. Do you like to three people against us on like a one man Army kind of feels like man really alone in this thing so watching that I just felt like I was part of a bigger community. Triple Eight nights of a one s a G E. Triple 89 to the 17243 Larry Elder affected our com studio doctor that general referring to my movie Uncle Tom I'm the executive producer. Just him alone. Director Cowriter Rydell writer Ansel All right. Now..

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