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Safety case in the U. S. Correspondent Jim Ryan says the company that makes Bluebell ice cream will have to write the check just like good While cultivating an image as a small town creamery. Bluebell has quietly become the nation's fourth largest ice cream maker in terms of sales. Listeria contamination in 2015 killed at least three people who had eaten Bluebell and threatened the future of the company itself. Now, five years later, Bluebell has been ordered to pay 17 and a quarter million dollars in criminal penalties stemming from the outbreak. According to the plea agreement, Bluebell acknowledge that it failed to recall contaminated products or issue any formal communication to inform customers about the potential listeria contamination since the outbreak, the Justice Department said Bluebell has enhanced the sanitation process and enacted a program to test products for listeria before They go out to consumers. The man who first put these words on paper has died. My name's Forrest Forrest Gump. That was Tom Hanks in that 1994 hit movie author Winston Groom, who wrote the book It was based on has died in his hometown of Fair Hope, Alabama. He was 77 No word on the cause of Death. Groom was a Vietnam veteran who later worked as a journalist and covered anti war demonstrations. He went on to write more than a dozen nonfiction works at eight novels. Some 200 priceless books, including first editions of Works by Galileo in Isaac Newton, Stolen in a warehouse heist in London in 2017 have just been recovered in Romania. Authorities say the books with a combined value of $3.2 million or found hidden in a concealed space under a rural house. The heist was daring and Something you definitely see in the movies. Burglars cut holes in the roof and used ropes to lower to the floor to avoid motion detectors, then loaded up the books into large bags and climbed back up the ropes to make their getaway. UK. Authorities say the investigations surround a crime ring. And lead to 13 arrests with chops by suspects pleading guilty One scheduled to go on trial next year. 65 degrees partly sunny We're going up near 70 degrees today in Midtown wins news time 11 17. Hi Lucy from Texas here, With more of our time spent at home. It was inevitable that our dishwasher stopped working. Luckily, I'm a member of American Home Shield. I went online to request service and then a qualified local contractor came out to fix the problem. It didn't matter that my dishwasher was over 10 years old because American home Shield covers parts of up to 21 home systems and appliances. Regardless of age. If they can't repair your covered item,.

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