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How mustard loving always hydrated steadfast rules of the road abiding high tech nutritional exploring duo duck quarter ton of riding fun? Jimbo rarely and Kelvin Jones. Take it away boys everybody Jimbo Rayleigh and Calvin Jones. Your quarter toner writing fun. This is our February edition and Kelvin's got some really cool news. Talk about a An event that he's going to participate in and we also want to talk about something that is near and dear to our cycling community here in Central Mississippi. We lost Actually we have a friend. Jake Presley and his family were avid cyclist. It was his wife and six Chit Kids and they lost their lives. Tragically early Saturday morning to a house fire in Clinton Mississippi and we're absolutely devastated in. This is kind of a talk about Jake and talk about what we're doing writing. But what I'm GonNa let Kelvin. Kinda speak to Jake and his family. Yeah this has been a spin a pretty sad weekend on Friday February. The eighth Friday night early Saturday morning paper the eighth and Jimbo in iron well acquainted with Jake and his five sons and one daughter He started bringing his sons to encouragement. Ride that we would do all of a sudden. He showed up one night on bicycles. He brought his three three kids on bicycles. I see where you're writing from said from Clinton and for those of you aren't familiar with the area. That's a pretty long haul. What would you say Clinton to blogs that would be? It's Italy's twenty miles from from their house and we were a little taken back going. Okay this is an encouragement right. There's not a babysitting trip. Yeah that was the first time. Our first thing insured enough. We made it about two miles and those kids were gassed already. They were little and they're like thirty four but I tell you since we've started with them and they've kept up with it. Those boys became very strong writers up to the point of Super Bowl Sunday. We had a super bowl ride with a bunch of people and Jake was with his littlest or smallest youngest son. Who was six and the six year old? Did Twenty Miles. That's all gravel bike and I was riding with the twelve year old. Who was who was challenging. Me and speed would not let me pass it. And so these kids come a long way from when we first met him three or four years ago and and they are precious precious family. Every child was yes sir. No Sir my pleasure. You know the kind of customer service you expect it At chick-fil-a Jay did not have a lot of money but he was proud to raise his children. He loved his. He loved his family and he did whatever he could do to make money to take care of his family and He cut grass. He's one of those lawn lawn guys and he would rake leaves in the fall and cut grass in the summer. And that's we'd save up his money from all of his grass cuttings it anytime. They needed things for the bicycles. Which is kind of an expensive sport. It'd be well. No those children workforce and saved up their money for it and so he was teaching in the right way and I just had so much respect for him and his boys and they were always such a very strong part of the cycling community. Because anytime you would see. Jackie would never seen without at least one of his sons all L. I'd never saw him about three of me. So if you'd like to give if you go to our show notes you will find a gofundme page and there's also a an address if you would like to give directly to the church there's a Jake Presley Fund set out in the address. It's strictly up to you. They're trying to raise one hundred thousand dollars because they have to have a funeral for seven people and he. He didn't have a you know as far as I know. Britney has wide who also passed away in the fire. He lost his wife and six children. You know she was an elementary school. Did you saw not sure what kind of benefits she had as an elementary school teacher. But I'm speaking today just on the Assad. Let's just assume that there was no benefits especially with him being a self employed Lawn Care Guy. No health insurance maybe no medical insurance probably begnaud burial insurance and now he has to bury seven people at one time and he's in the hospital in ICU. In critical condition. But I think he's GonNa pull through but his house has got it. He has no belongings. His cars were gutted. Is You know as long equipment gutted. The only thing I told people yesterday at my church was the only thing that Jake has right. Now's the grace of God in the hospital gown. That's on his on his back in the hospital bed and so he has nothing and and he would greatly greatly appreciate anything that you could do for us to to help him out because we want to As a cycling community we want to stand for our brother who has lost so much in losing his wife and six children ages fifteen to sixteen months. So yeah we would just love it if you could do something he felt led to do it. And that's where we ever that and it's like community we we hear of tragedies all the time about cyclope hit in that sort of thing and it draws the cycling communities together and when we lose basically an entire family It hurts us not a single psych with that. I've talked to in. Our area was unaffected even if they did know him personally so Please go to the go fund me or or if you feel compelled to write a check and send it to the church directly. I'm sure every penny will be will will be grateful. So let's talk about to talk about something sad all the time but Kevin got a great honor or we'll figure careful what you wish for but Calvin started training for the dirty cancer ride which is a hundred mile. The minimum one hundred mile. A grab a ride up in Kansas in May Right Yes oh this is a lottery system. I think they allow two or three thousand riders each year to do the ride and it's like I think he can do fifty one hundred or two hundred or two fifty or something like that and so. I'm thinking like trying to apply for tickets at the Masters Golf Tournament. You just you just put your name in the hat and maybe after seven or eight years they'll pick your name and I did it the first time thinking. I had two or three years to train for this and boom the first go around. I got selected in the lottery. So hashtag be careful. What you ask for is Jimbo said we mentioned a little bit about the dirty Kanza in our last podcast so now reality set in and so we'll just keep you abreast of We want you guys to hold us accountable. We all weighed in ourselves on the very first day after the day it was announced and so my goal is to try to drop around twenty pounds between now and the ride. The ride has made thirtieth. It's in Emporia Kansas. It's one hundred Mile Bike. Ride elevation climb from people who've done it before has got calculated at around five thousand feet over a hundred miles. The thing that you have to worry about is time thing for the first fifty miles so you have to. Do you have to hit the halfway point at fifty miles in under five hours? If you do not make it at five hours they sag you were they make you stop and take you back to the start line and so you think well fifty miles five hours ten miles an hour. That's not too bad but if you walk doing a lot of he'll climbing or if you're changing a lot of flat tires that could be costly if you get off your bike to do anything. The clock is still running. Unfortunately they say this pretty sharp gravel rocks there and a lot of people have flat tires so probably going to run to bliss but I'll bring some spare inner tubes to try to quickly go in there if I can't if if if if the cut on the tires too big for the Tire sealant to to close up on. Its Own Cowan are also going to say from afar. But we're going to do some stuff to help train training and I'm six foot four and I weighed into forty five and I waited again this morning being Monday. And I'm still a two forty five. So Bob Weight loss part has not come down much. I'm was six three six two and I weighed in my starting. Starting fighting weight was to sixty two and through the Super Bowl weekend. I stayed at two went up two to sixty four. Because you know it's Super Bowl. Super Bowl was like a fat man's holiday and Saw Gain to sixty four then lost back down to sixty two and I don't wait but every Tuesday so my way in his tomorrow. This this podcast is going to go out before my next way in. But I'll I'll check in the next time. Well I WANNA follow us. We have a link in the show notes to our Strada page. So those of you strata. You can either pay for it or use the free but we haven't encouragement ride at suck. It's called the club. I would more call it a group but it's encouragement ride group on or club on strata. We haven't linked to it. And if you have a straw again to be a part of it you can find me if I. Calvin you can also find Kyle and his son Chris. Chris and I did a ride yesterday with Kyle. It was one of our very few days. We're in the midst of about twelve fourteen days of solid rain so t the garage or find something to do. Yeah it's kind of tough. So my goal too long with Kelvin is just get as much time we can be it on a trainer or spend by or if the weather's good. I'll get out and ride you know just some Bas- miles then so I encourage y'all to do is.

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