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Either on Liner in person. Governor Abbott says the purpose of the tax free event is for Texans to protect and prepare for potential natural disasters. Eligible items include coolers and ice chests, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Items not included on the list. Toilet paper Face masks and gloves. Clayton Nevil K. L I. F NEWS, Frisco I SD announced plans for a permanent full time virtual school for the 21 22 School year. First go students in grades three through 12. May soon be able to choose to take all of their courses online. The district is just waiting for state legislation to pass that would allow it, Dr West Cunningham first go, eyes, D chief academic officer says. Although we may not be able to know this for several weeks, quote we believe it's in the best interest of our students and families to begin formal preparations for a virtual school. At this time, Participation and extracurricular activities such as athletics and fine arts will not be an option for full time. Virtual school cat ones. I er k l i f news. News and information. Time is three or four. Let's get a look at right now. Traffic in Lewisville Self Down by 35 He just after Justin Road, the right lane is blocked. Traffic is throwing your Garden Ridge Boulevard. Was bound 6 35 at Midway in Dallas. A couple of left lanes are blocked due to high water. There's also an accident at that location is has traffic jam just before Preston Road Heading eastbound on I 30 Grand Avenue had an earlier action and that is now gone. Traffic, though, remains stop and go all the way back to Sylvan Avenue with Kayla up right now. Traffic I'm Dave Allen. Now let's get a look in your 5 70 Kayla f News and information forecast rainy today with a high around 69 degrees tomorrow. Mostly sunny highs. 75 same for Sunday High 83..

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