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Don't just work one or two days a year. They're at it, 3 65. And lately it's been 24 7 10% off. The seven million registered voters in the state have requested in absentia by mail ballot that 700,000 Plus a look at the political current shaping the race in North Carolina. People wanna vote vote because of Donald Trump. North Carolina is very much a purple state, but with some red tint to it. It's a center but lean, slightly Republican state. You just watch as my mama used to say, mark my words. We want to turn the mother out in North Carolina. For Biden and Harris. It's politics with Amy Walter on the take away right after these headlines. Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein. The Trump administration says it now has two Arab Gulf states that will be normalizing ties with Israel. NPR's Michelle Kelemen has details. President Trump says he hosted a call between Israel's prime minister and Bahrain's King and says they agreed to normalize ties. This follows a similar move by the United Arab Emirates. I am very hopeful that there will be more to follow. I can tell you this tremendous enthusiasm on behalf of other countries. Palestinians objected, accusing the U. S. Of trying to torpedo the Arab peace initiative, which offered Israel normal ties with the Arab and Muslim world. Once the Israeli Palestinian conflict was resolved by rains. Foreign Minister is to join Israeli and immorality officials at the White House next Tuesday. Michelle Kelemen NPR NEWS Washington Officials in Oregon have issued nearly 500,000 evacuation orders as dozens of wildfires burn out of control. Oregon's governor says only some 80,000 are complying. Animals are also being evacuated and a king of Northwest News Network reports more than 2000, pets and livestock are being moved to fairgrounds families. And they're even being shipped across state lines at the Oregon State fairground. There are at least 500 evacuated animals, horses, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, birds, even a tortoise. Large animal veterinarian Erica Mackenzie with Oregon State University, says the smoke from fires that's bad for humans could make large animals sick to, McKenzie says the stress of moving and being exposed to new animals can also be dangerous. Some of these animals aren't easy to transport of the best of times, and then you make the situation extra stressful with smoke and fire and all these other factors that can be very, very difficult. Washington State agricultural officials have temporarily suspended regulations for shipping livestock and horses from Oregon across the border for NPR news on Anna King. Officials in the Pacific Northwest aren't on Leigh battling blazes there fighting misinformation, several posting on Facebook in an effort to counter rumors that both leftist and right wing groups have been starting the fires. Officials say they've seen no indications of politically motivated arson. Outside a courthouse in Minneapolis today, calls for justice protesters gathered before four former police officers charged in the death of George Floyd. Appeared in a courtroom for hearing on whether they should be tried jointly as prosecutors want or separately which their defense attorneys want. This is NPR news. Live from the news. I'm terrorists. Tyler. Most of the Bay area can expect overcast skies and smugly conditions to continue into the weekend. Brian Garcia, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says the conditions are unprecedented. We have seen worse air quality, but the duration of unhealthy air quality. Is something we have not seen before recorded history around the Bay Area. Local officials are warning residents to stay indoors due to the poor air called quality. Your woods, Alcatraz Island and four point are closed today. Several weather relief centers are open in San Francisco for those who cannot shelter indoors. The family of a man who died of covert 19, which he caught at San Quentin State Prison are filing a claim against the state and the Corrections Department. Tell Maria Dillon reports. It's apparently the first legal action over a Corona virus death in prison. The claims, says 61 year old Daniel Ruiz had qualified for early release this summer after serving time on a drug charge. But in May, the Department of Corrections transferred inmates from Chino to San Quentin without testing them First. Ruiz caught the virus and died at a hospital on July 11th. His three Children, and his mother filed a claim alleging Ruiz was wrongfully and unconstitutionally killed. Their attorney, Michael Haddad, says state prison officials are responsible so they should have tested the Chino prisoners if they were going to bring them in, and they should have followed proper disease control protocols. They should have quarantine those prisoners, which they also failed to do. The CDCR says it can't.

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