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End of course just a game and they it had real real life consequences for steve bartman kinda ruined his life oh very important me they gave him a world series ring last you think that was a good idea i mean yeah many thing you can do for that guy he basically took away basically wrecked his wife she was a hard and by the way the joke is that he wasn't even the only one to go for that bother a whole bunch of people but everybody sticks on him because basically he was funny looking and he didn't even get the ball another guy got the ball and then later on he sold at auction and it was bought by harry carey's restaurant and they blew it up on kinsey street like as an extra schism i know i know harry carries restaurant the very well i've eaten there many times lovely placed by the way i didn't realize that they they bought it and blew it up really well you know there's a tradition in wrigley field which is like you know you didn't picked up by some other parks but another team it's a home run and revealed into the bleachers you throw it back it's like you cough it up or you vomited out you don't want home run i was at a game when i was a kid where abolish it out on the wavelength avenue and of mailman picked it up it was downsizing and he looked up at us in ours or theirs and we sit there and he's a god damn it any heaved it over the thing back onto the field so blowing up the bartman ball was almost the extreme nuclear version of drawing the ball back in any event yeah steve bartman there's no way we could do this show without mentioning steve bartman the chicago cubs story of a curse rich cohen and if you've ever suffered through a bad team i mean they're you look at some of the great teams out there looking for example the great dynastic pittsburgh steelers before the terry bradshaw and demean joe greene era they were terrible most teams have had down periods at some point one eight six six five o jimbo you can call in commiserate with rich cohen back in a moment the national debt is now over twenty trillion dollars what happens next rising inflation drops in the dollar's value some experts say another crashes coming you can fight this.

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