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Norland Norland trying to get it. Toe horn horn is chopped down hard. Play goes on. Horn is down. Now he's up. And he's headed for the bench. Bentley, meantime, has the puck in the air Force in for a drive hard shot there by Villella misses the net wide picked up off the back wall by Air Force. That's it ahead for Bowery Bowery comes in with the pot rins it around. The Ryan picks it up on the half wall, near side turns feeds to cook at the point sends it across for Jake 11. They tried to get it down the slot to rhyme broken up by Bentley 11 keeps it alive. Ties A no look pass intercepted by Bentley. Look out. Here we go. Two on one. Bentley, with the pocket feet across. First shot never happened to player was taken down. And Bentley keeps the puck alive, though in the air Force in Feed from behind the net for a shot. Dragon Ato letting fly is no back and chilling got a piece of that one. It flipped into the air and landed near one of the Falcons, who gets a clear And a nice and call on Air force Well, and those that was a Syriza mistake's J like we saw last night. Zach Murata just took the puck from the blue line. He got inside the tops of the circles, and then it was turned over. Family goes back the other way. A two on one that nearly ended up in the air Force's net. And then Marshall Valerie, looking to make that long outlet pass. Missed his guy. The officials are going to go take a look. I would imagine that hit on Nate Horn. That was right in front of us. I was stunned and armed didn't go up in the air horn. What was in a vulnerable position. He was down his head was down. And he turned one of the Bentley players came by hit him right in the head. Horn was down for a little bit. He got up and he went over to the bench under his own power, which is a good sign, and we'll see if the officials are going to take a look at this. Frank's territory is talking to him right now, and I'm sure he's saying The exact same things. I can't believe you didn't call that. But you better go take a look at it, and it looks like they are. We had several reviews and yesterday's game We had a couple of goals, one from each team. Were waved off. And now our referees are over Looking at probably that hit Nate Horn, Brian Sweeney, Andy O'Brien, the referee's got the Helmets off the headset on and they're watching the video. Yeah, exactly what they're looking at here again. That contact of the head penalty when they go in and look at the at the video. They cannot call a minor penalty. The only thing they can come out of there with is a major, but they will take a good look at this one. That was a pretty significant hit. Right to the head of Nate Horn. Horn is on the bench looks to be OK, which is a good sign for Air force its air force hockey presented by Elliot fueled by innovation driven by integrity. Well, you delivered world class best value. Services and solutions weren't a 11 tie late in the first period. 3 26 to go. Air Force scored first. Bentley answered about a minute later, and that's been in all the scoring so far in period Number one. Air Force just made one personnel change for tonight's game out of the lineup is freshman defenseman Sam Brennan. Don't Weigel has been that 19 skater. Just about all season, he slid in to the top six. He's paired up with Zach Barajas tonight and Noah Kim, a freshman out of Fullerton, California, the first game he's played. We haven't seen him on the ice yet, but he is dressed know Kim, a freshman defenseman is the extra skater Tonight. We'll see if if he does get in and get a couple of shifts tonight. Him by 10 1 70 out of Fortune, California by way of the Alberta Junior Hockey League, where he played for the Oilers evoke a tox They're still over reviewing that play. Air Force. Meantime, the players are all gathered around.

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