Wellesley, Arkansas, President Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And her her she was in her mind she was the brains that got her husband elected kept her husband in office and she resented being thought of as a wife in a traditional wife are supportive role that's why the comment i'm not some tammy wynette standing by my man baking cookies in the kitchen here and so the the some at wellesley where where she was a student it was thought that this woman could write her ticket this this is the image that we were presented and she subordinated all of that to hit her wagon to this guy from arkansas because everybody thought this guy was going places he was going to be president or her modus operandi was to attached to him and take over wherever he went arkansas ag arkansas governor then president she got healthcare she was given healthcare as at project during the first clinton administration and she blew that that bombedout she simply hasn't had a whole lot of successes that would make you happy she starts out resenting the feminist movement grabbed her early and she resented so much of mainstream american culture is feminists in the modern era were taught to do so the bottom line of all this is is that she she truly is resentful and angry and part of her motor and i was there were people that were going to pay for what they had done to her and that was going to happen when she became president so she had all the wrong motivations she had anger is a motivation get even with people as a motivation expectation entitlement all the wrong reasons that's why she didn't campaign aside maybe she physically couldn't because of her ill health but there was also the sense of entitlement and a belief that republicans could not possibly win especially after trump got the nomination so she phoned it in and it's it's it's you can she can't get over it she can't stop talking about it she has no ability whatsoever to let the bitterness go she is slowly poisoning or poisoning herself and it's been going on for decades the deeply bitter and resentful person and if you look at it in certain ways you can understand it and i guarantee you when he's trump rallies happen in the audience shouting locker up locker up don't think that she's laughing that off somewhere don't.

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