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Jill NATO, Fox News. Just so you know, you can listen at home by telling Alexa, play Cayenne T on iheartradio. Yeah. In joy, the stimulation. It's time now to go beyond the headlines. This morning's Mike Gavin is here with a look at some of the other stories you'll be talking about this morning. Good morning. Well, we all know that the New England Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for the ninth time with Tom Brady quarterback. But one ten year old is already collecting wins at the patriots expense. According to USA today in elementary school students from Lexington Kentucky named ace. Davis had the idea of shaping his science fair project around the idea of Tom Brady as a cheater with the help of his mom and sister ace looked back at the Deflategate scandal from four years ago and tested the competitive advantage gained by defeating the PSI level of football's. He's trifled cardboard display included photographic evidence research charts and graphs. So what was the boys conclusion, quote, the patriots were found guilty of doctoring footballs? Thus losing one million dollars in future draft picks. Tom Brady is indeed a cheater. He's making a convincing argument. I believe him as his dad posted picks of the project on Facebook with the caption heater level one hundred and the post went viral, and while you might question his methods. You can't argue with the results as one the science fair and will now take his Brady experiment on the road to the district level fair. I would like to see the charts and graphs, I love this. This hit so close to home. So I have a ten year old son. And I last night just last night. I was at a similar fair with a bunch of kids with their cardboard displays that nothing on. No, no, my son did a sting rays. No, no, no, Tom Brady. Hey, the much more neutral subjects no history going on there. Like stingrays, and while college students, Jen aren't always thrilled to have their parents, visit them there are better ways to keep mom and dad had bay in this. According to Fox News and EasyJet flight in France was turned around after a bomb threat was called in by student who wanted to keep his parents from visiting him. The twenty three year old man has been accused of making an anonymous call to the flight that caused the plane to turn around and go back to its original airport to investigate once. It was discovered that the student had placed the call he was taken into custody and charged with false new compromising the safety of an aircraft in flight or Fox News. I guess compromising the safety of an aircraft in flight, it's still unknown. At this time why the student was so against his parents visiting if prosecuted he could face up to five years in prison and an eighty five thousand dollar fine. He should be fine for being dumb. Yeah. Yeah. They're they're up there. There are better ways to sort of you know, that's that's about as passive aggressive as it gets done. That's like a charge. It'll be on your record forever. Yeah. The next time a phone call or gently worded Email to a mom and dad, would suffice. Dumb kid. Okay. It's Friday morning. Thanks, mike. It's thirteen minutes before the hour on this morning. America's First News. Today is this happens here and virtually anywhere because today innovative companies are reinventing the.

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