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Feels like an obvious at the time it was kind of almost a revolutionary that respect because it was so trying to transform opinions not just like seek protection protection from police or stop violence and harassment and things it was actually designed that it was it was actually largely formed by a bunch of wealthy gay men their status trying to be like right. What if we tried to start organizing can tell from the mattachine society like a you know right there. It's not no act up. It's like you know madison society So they were like bye-bye this rights movement and i you know. They weren't into julius because they knew that julius wasn't gonna serve homosexuals and so there was a uniform cops who'd be stationed outside there and so one of the guys that you know we. We knew that we wouldn't be served there so when we walked in and the bartender put glasses in front of us and we they were like we're gay and we attend to remain orderly. We just wanna be served. And then the bartender would be like well. Hey if you're gay. I can't serve you. And then he would put his hands over the top of the class right And so this thing but they would do and so. They did sort of soggy dan summer essentially what they would do is the i got a bunch of the reporters to show up there and that would like tip the cat. They would like let the reporters know that like that. This is what was going on. It was able to catch attention to the Let's see who is. Yeah so with the help of the aclu. The mattachine society ended up filing a discrimination charges. Because the new york times had run the headline three deviates invite exclusion by bar extra extra deviants deviates yay deviates in the village voice and the new york times. So there's no end they didn't come deviants according to this article deviates tveit sounds like many pop group three deviates god the dvi. It's like a cape. So yes so they were they. It was pretty much. It was a very organized like sip end because they made sure the reporters were there and then he was like very loudly while. If you're gay. I can't serve you hand over. Top of glass like of courtly leaders at the scene society to do a full theatrical production of a end rates so anyways they were able to with aclu to form a charges alongside with their human rights. You know the whole thing that ended up in courts and the constitution says that people have the right to peacefully assemble and the things were peaceful than a penn state. Can't take that right away from you. And so the liquor authority can't prevent people from congregating in bars And they just you know took that was that was the they. They also won their court case. So go off managing society Humour team or here juicy ones. I wasn't gonna. I was originally was just five but they were so good. So there's only two that we're not gonna do. You can look at the articles so you have homework listeners. There is one that it was like their goal. I forget what society it was but they were like. Let's you know the lesbians had to dress in lake skirts and the men had to wear suits. They're trying to be like very presentable. Like don't hate us. Look like you. And i didn't think that was interesting of a protest actually also familiar much so this one is the black cat..

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